Wednesday, October 31, 2012

In Praise of a Top Paladin

Today, in a departure from my normal rambling, I'd like to take a moment to tell you about the awesome bloke that sits to my right of an evening.

This place needs a 25 man raid... ^^

My husband's been playing (almost) as long as I have. He's the reason I moved off a PvP server and am where I am today. He's the best tank I know by quite some way and he puts up with an awful lot from me. Today's not an anniversary, nor a particularly special day for us both, but i thought it was about time I told you guys just how great he makes my online experience and how I'd be utterly lost without him.

Can you tell what it is yet...?

He takes a lot of pictures in London during the day (see above), and in his spare time he likes nothing better than coming up with top quality Raid Boss placement guides. If it were not for this one, for instance, we'd have never got past That Section of ICC 25. Never underestimate the power of the well thought out visual guide, folks. There's also the small matter of his intense loyalty to the Guild, his superlative raid leading qualities and the fact that, above all else, he still likes me after over 25 years together. Yes, we've been together for a while...

Above all else, he's a top bloke :D

If you're lucky enough to play with your significant other, take a moment tonight to go and give them a hug, and remember that playing together can be an immensely fulfilling experience. If you don't play with your significant other its probably MORE important you go hug them too; I know how lucky I am to share this interest with my husband, and that it is something we can really enjoy as a couple. Never forget it takes two people to make anything work, and to keep that happening takes a lot more than just sitting next to each other and expecting everything to work itself out.


Corrupted said...

My wife and I have been playing together since the beginning of BC (she was playing CoH and Eq2 while I was playing wow in vanilla). We do a ton of stuff in-game, and its nice to have a daily partner to knock those damn things out these days...

If fact doing things a little different this expansion. I changed mains (priest to Druid), but am pretty much only logging onto my Druid when she is on. Otherwise I'm on my other 90 (shaman) or leveling another toon. She plays a rogue, so having fun being sneaky with her ;)

We've been married 15 years, but close to 20 together.

Jonathan said...

/target Wonder Pally

Andy said...

oh god the slime...