Friday, October 19, 2012

There's a Plan Now...?

Oh I see what you did thar... ^^

I have decided there's not been nearly enough Pet Battling in the last couple of weeks.

As a result, and as of RIGHT NOW, there will be Moar Fighting. There will be organisation and caging of spare pets. There will be deletion of extra unsellable pets. Most of all, there will be levelling of pets to a point where I can tick off a continent as 'done.'

Eastern Kingdoms, I am COMING FOR YOU.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled game faffing.


Ratshag said...

Go Go Go!

Be aware that there are several pets listed in the EK Safari achievement that are not actually capturable (they are sold by vendors) - three dragonhawks and the cockatiel. Supposedly you can get the achievement without them, but I have not personally verified this yet - damn Snowshoe Hare is still hiding from me!

Nev said...

I started the EK achieve the other night - was just going to do an hour or so - at 3.30am I finally made it to bed! Oops! #TeamFaff FTW!

Navimie said...

GOGO Godmother! Know that your fellow members of TeamFaff will be cheering you on as you get all those petes! Gonna catch them all!

Navimie said...

OH and regarding Ratshag's comment, I have the Eastern Kingdom's Achievement and the 4 pets mentioned are not ones I have battled (but I do have them in my journal) so it does work.

Eva said...