Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Still No Plan...

I'm not exactly focussed right now... :p

I'm wondering at what point I'll have to start thinking about levelling someone else.

Right now, P really is my only active toon: I'm not counting the times I log people on to harvest, because no-one really is doing anything else (okay, so the tailor is making Imperial Silk and the two Transmuters will do Living Steel if someone in Guild wants them) P has a ton of stuff in progress, if truth be told, but there isn't really a thrust or a focus to what's being undertaken. I just do it when a) the mats are available without buying them and b) if I come across something interesting. I am well aware that the Lorewalkers could have been at Exalted a long time ago if I'd followed a guide, but I'm happy discovering scrolls as I look for other stuff (found the last Emperor's Burden looking for a rare that was dead, for instance) The Grill Mastery means I'm 3/6 on the Food Grind, Ella is now my first Best Friend with the Tillers. It is all coming about as a result of other stuff.

I hear an awful lot of muttering about the Dailies in Guild right now: they take too long, they're buggy, there's too much to do, there AREN'T ENOUGH GOATS. I have to say, I've not gotten either frustrated or bored yet by any Quest. I enjoy the challenge of soloing anything and everything, of discovering achievements I didn't know existed and generally feeling that there is a sense of genuine progression in the processes. I can sympathise with the frustrations however (not everyone is Virtually Indestructible, after all) and I try to keep my head down as I do my work. I'm comfortably into Revered with the Tillers, just into Honored with the Golden Lotus (giving me access to the Epic Leatherworking patterns and leg patches \o/) and almost revered with the Klaxxi. All that means I'm almost to Honored with the Black Prince to boot: I discovered today that killing rares gives a nice rep boost for that cause, so no more avoiding a Silver Dragon alert if I already have it on the list.

I've not even visited the Cloud Serpent dudes yet. Mount #150 last night was the Blonde Yak from the Grummles. Expect a return to picture documentation at some point in the future.

I have a Best Friend \o/

I can see how the Tillers have managed to enthral so many people: questing aside having a fully working farm really is the only way to get the sheer number of vegetables you need for maxxing Cookery. Once everyone's got there, of course... I wonder how the market for vegetables will pan out. However, that's a post for another time. My focus, on the personal front at least, is to finish the last three Cookery branches: once that's done I have the six speciality dishes to complete... and after that... I think I might need a bit of a lie down... ^^


TheGrumpyElf said...

I love the farm far more than I thought I would have. It is a really nice addition and I know that MoP just started but I am already thinking how sad I am going to be to see it go.

I really wish it was something located centrally instead of in the middle of an expansions land so it could have been something to use forever.

So simple yet so fun. I have four running farms now and more to come, that is for sure.

Kamalia said...

Grats! Ella is my first (and so far, only) best friend, too. She's such a sweetie.

I had been resisting the temptation to drag the rest of my 85s out to Halfhill just to farm. I'm starting to get anxious to make more progress on Kamalia's cooking, though, so as long as they aren't doing anything else, perhaps I should.

Mups said...

My main doesn't have the ilevel for LFR, doesn't really do many heroics just now, isn't the subject of obsessive gearing/gemming/chanting and isn't spending much time at a dummy analysing dps. You know what? I bloody love it. I'm levelling archaeology. I want to level archaeology. I want to grind rep. I want to fish and cook. I want to enjoy the scenery. I want to pet battle. There's so much to be doing, it's going to be a while before I even think about raiding, and I'm perfectly happy with that.

Jonathan said...

I echo Mups' sentiments completely. Lots of fun stuff to do, it doesn't all have to be done every day. I'd rather leave LFR until enough guildies are ready so that we can go as a group.

WTB more goats, though. Or nerf the classes that can AoE whole packs at a time. :-)