Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Reasons Why This Expansion is Awesome #312

I boggled.

This expansion is becoming more and more about the unexpected. Take this fella, for instance. I was looking for Elite Champions and found the cave he resides in (Townlong Steppes 64,23) by accident. His look alone, plus his 4.22 million HP L92-ness, made me think he'd be worth having a poke at. Some time later, I discovered something significant:

Chocolate Teapot...?

There are an inordinate number of completely useless items available to pick up and use in this expansion. They have no other value other than the ability to make you happy simply by owning them. They are here to fill up bank slots. There is NO use to them whatsoever.

I absolutely LOVE it.

I can fly around and wander into a cave and kill a monster who is there simply because he can be and he gives me a necklace that allows me to show a friend that I like them. This is what has been missing from the game for quite some time: forget gearing, hardcore v casual... people need to be nicer to each other. Just because you don't know the tactics to Heroic Dungeons after two weeks does not make you a nublet. Just because you offer to help someone else doesn't make you sad. Putting the element of genuine exploration and surprise back into an experience that is data-mined and dissected to within an inch of its existence by a hypercritical audience is no mean feat, you know. Even if there is some pop-culture reference I managed to miss along the way this is probably the best example of the sense of genuine surprise I'm still experiencing this long after release. Long may it continue.

Let us hope that this attention to detail continues, through bug fixing and issues related to the more serious sectors of the game. Let us also hope that the haters of such things nick off in short order and leave the rest of us to enjoy ourselves...


TheGrumpyElf said...

That is one of the many useless things filling my bank up lately.

I too love all the goodies but we need more storage space really.

I have wikky the foraging monkey that brings me bags of helpful goods, I have the golden fleece that makes enemies sometimes drop piles of gold, I have an item that I can use the increases all my stats by 500 for an hour, I have a swimming thing that makes me look see through and lets me breath under water, I have a thing that turns you into stone, I have so many goodies that I can't carry any more. :(

It is great, but it sucks at the same time.

Anonymous said...

/like like like :)))


Angelya said...

I have to agree with you - each time I play I discover some new random thing that has no particular use, but delights me! Well done Blizz for adding so much fun into the mix :)