Friday, October 26, 2012

Poorly Sick :(

Twitter was informed of my poorly sickness at lunchtime. With husband now home and one child off at the School Halloween Disco, I am feeling slightly better, but nowhere near capable of blogging coherence. As a result I present a selection of screenies plus commentary in anticipation of IntPiPoMo 2012 which I failed horribly at last year but intend to do my damnedest to complete this time around. Regular content will (hopefully) return sometime over the weekend.

Ain't no party like a Tillers Party. Apparently.

I am Exalted with the Tillers. I celebrated by taking a day off and NOT PLANTING ANYTHING, but now I am back to Motes of Harmony. I also managed Master of the Ways, and my love of cookery in game has been severely tested as a result. I know I'll need at least 10 Ironpaw tokens for the new Cookery Bag plus 50 (I believe) for the next step, the Cookery Bell (and my own student) I'm going to need time away from worrying about the Farm before that happens. That means raw mats for crafting until I can formulate a suitable plan.


The major benefit of the Tillers APART from the obvious cash cow it can be? Goats. This is by a long way one of my favourite mounts EVER, there is just something about a Dwarf on a Goat that just works. Needless to say, I don't fly to places as much as I used to, especially in Kun Lai. The grey beauty in the foreground is, of course, my rare spawn. MATCHING ITEMS!

Can you do 'Learn to Fly' ?

I found this fella in a cave at the far north of Kun Lai, by the coast. I wonder if he's practising to go on tour? ^^

Screw this spider, I want THAT one as a Battle Pet!

If I feel better tomorrow, I might consider some more fighting. With the number of new pets coming in 5.1, I'm already behind the curve ^^

I dunno....!

I've spent a remarkable amount of time farming, but not at the expense of other things. It is ironic, I think, that so many people are spending so much time on areas of the game that, effectively, no-one else will ever be able to either see or visit.

And with that, I'm back off to the sofa. Have a great Weekend, Folks.


Navimie said...

Hope you feel better soon Godmother... and DON'T POST SCREENSHOTS NOW SAVE IT FOR NOVEMBER! :D

Angelya said...

Hope you feel better soon! I've only just started really getting into the pet battling and omg.. once you start you just can't stop!