Monday, October 01, 2012

Not Part of the Plan...

Contests and I... well, here's the thing...

I haven't forgotten about this contest, honest. I just don't seem to have the best of luck when I try and give stuff away to you good people ^^

On the morning of the closing date, I'd received two entries. I left the contest open a couple more days in the hope there might be a late flood (or that my ISP's mail service was having a moment) and one more appeared. As I had three awards made, I decided to award one to everyone who took the time to send me an entry. I'm still waiting for a snail address from Sarriss to send the award off (it really doesn't matter where you live :D) but Farli and Cutaia will have their awards sent in the mail this week. Thank you for taking the time to send an entry in guys and I'm sorry you didn't have more competition!

Sarriss: Bear with Loot.
Farli: many bugs! handle it!

Cutaia: Attractive AND Functional!


Jonathan said...

Congratulations to the winners! Sadly I ran out of time to submit an entry - for what it's worth, my initial thought was to pull the entire instance in Sethekk Halls on one of my ongoing Circuits of Disappointment, and see how many mobs I could kill in one place. :-)

arcanewordsmith said...

It was something I wanted to get around to doing and either something came up or it would slip my mind at times.

As the deadline approached, I had completely forgotten about it and was focused on completing my Beast Cancer outfit for October.