Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Needs More Stuff!

Just your typical day outside the Stormwind AH ^^

There's rather a lot to do right now in Pandaria.

Quite apart from levelling, gearing for Heroics, actually running them and then possibly doing some raiding, there is a vast wealth of New Stuff To Make (TM) There is the behemoth that is Training Cookery (no I'm not doing one branch at a time, its all or nothing, you know me) We have the cash cow of Transmutation, the possibilities for Spirits of Harmony (THREE on P :O) and the sheer amount of stuff just lying around on the ground, waiting to be harvested. Just how many plates can one dwarf and her compadres keep spinning simultaneously, I wonder?

It takes me a while to process stuff, even on a good day. It's been a week, but the pennies are finally beginning to drop.

Only need Tailoring done and my Panda gets Heirloom legs. Make it happen people!

I'm pretty pleased with the progress of the family's tradeskills: P's another night's worth of farming mats away from maxing most of the Cookery branches without spending a penny on the AH. The lock has both Alchemy and Jewelcrafting maxxed, the Druid's 10 points from capping her Alchemy and the same with Herbalism. Engineering's in the mid 60's. Inscription is complete on the Priest and Enchanting is not far behind and all of this has been accomplished without spending a ton of money. In fact, looking at the addons, I'd say I've shelled out about 3k tops on extra mats to get this process to the point it is now. The most I dropped in one hit was 1500g on 3 Golden Loti to make the last points in Jewelcrafting, the rest has been odds and ends.

The vast changes we're now seeing with professions has a lot to do with this, of course, added to the frankly insane respawn rates raw materials have in Pandaria. I've not even considered buying a pair of 'See Extra Stuff' Goggles yet and am assuming their true value will happen when I have a 90 gatherer and the rare stuff becomes the main concern. For now all I need (in the main) is in the Jade Forest with no worry I'll have to fight anyone for a spawn. I've got myself ready to turn Ghost Iron to Trillium with no CD, and then to convert that to Living Steel for crafting, after which I suspect the AH will call. I'll only make flasks for raiding, the rest of the Golden Loti are likely to be sunk into select farming missions with the Potion of Luck in tow. Once I'm settled and comfortable with the family, then I'll turn my eye to the business of making some money. Needless to say, I've already told you how much cash you can make from your farm. Once you're 90, its not just vegetables you can harvest either. That's another story for another post... :D

This is only three bags, and some of that is soulbound ^^

Then there is the stuff that was left behind, that I've not had a chance to process: pets, old mats (from clearing out alts bags) and all points in between. When I checked my bankalt this morning after a week of not daring look at how much there was to sort, it wasn't as bad as I thought, but it took a while to put everything away. I'm glad I left the pets a week or so for the market to settle, and it is clear I'll need to consider a new strategy in reference to how I sell. Plus I have many more AH's than I had before to check for stuffs...

Typical. I turn up late Tuesday night and they're shut :(

A cursory visit this morning confirmed things are working again, and if you have 80k to spare an Arcanite Ripper may be yours... the question then becomes whether I'll get swayed....

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