Saturday, October 06, 2012

Missing the Shot

Instead of the normal money shot... ^^

It has been a while since getting to max level took me completely by surprise.

Last night I threw my well-considered 'let's do this by zone' levelling plan out of the window. I deliberately ignored half-done quest lines in both Karasang and Kun-Lai and instead decided to get swayed entirely by shinies. Having seen the start of the Klaxxi questline in the Dread Wastes, and having picked up a Ghostcrawler tweet telling me Dread Wastes quest rewards would help in my push to get heroically-geared, off I went. My ding caught me completely by surprise, as I was totally engrossed in the plot of the zone.

I have to admit, I have no idea what ilevel I need for Heroics, and at this point I'm not really getting too stressed at throwing myself into anything until I can get my head around the sheer number of blue !'s that suddenly appeared when 90 ticked over. I ignored the Quest hub completely in the VoEB, instead going first to the Lorewalkers to hand in my Pristine Artifacts and pick up the 'solve a dig' quest and then over to my farm. As expected, my 'Discover Valley of the Four Winds' achievement co-incided with me picking up the dailies for the Tillers, all on a completely separate level (only accessible with flying) It seems quite clear from my cursory zoom around very early this morning that the dailies seem to take advantage of height as well as mobs that are, at least for me, a challenge to kill in the way I've been used to. A lot is going to change I suspect now I'm maxxed.

Pet team needs work too... :D

I've not looked at pet battles since late last week. The only thing I'm selling atm is Living Steel while it still commands 1000g a bar (though last night I did stick some of my bag stockpile up to have it sell almost immediately) I'm doing my best to get as many people farming as possible but STILL I don't have all the alts in place doing this because, quite frankly, this has become the Mother of all Time Sinks. Having too much to do is fantastic after so much time with nothing but the problem inevitably is finding the ability to sort everything when I have an awful lot of Real Life with a greater priority. Today I have decided, I'm going to FINALLY get myself to a position where everyone is farming, where I have enough raw materials to support a couple of days Living Steel/Imperial Silk and where I can feel comfortable that I'm maximising the time I'm NOT online by using gathering resources to the best of their ability.

Once that's done, maybe I can start working out what I need to start running Heroics properly ^^


Debbie Adams said...

Congratulations on getting to 90! And that's some awesome gear :)

I'm a bit confused about the farming.When the NPC says to come back when I am more experienced, does that mean me and my alts have to be 90 to keep farming?

The Godmother said...

Yes. You can grow 4 plots every day but until you are 90 you cannot extend your farm or make any more improvements.

Erinys said...

Well if you want any company in heroics... you know where I am :p

TheGrumpyElf said...

Congrats on 90.

The Godmother said...

@En: I may take you up on that :D