Monday, October 29, 2012

Knowing the Score

Reassuringly average...

The worst thing about numbers is they don't lie.

You can choose to ignore them, sure. You can convince yourself that they don't matter too, but if you are the kind of person that keeps referring back to them in the first place, you're only kidding yourself in the end. Everything has a value. Numbers define what you are with a precision that is often depressingly harsh.

The problem that many people are having right now in game with content has a lot to do with numbers too: too much, not enough that's 'appropriate', too many numbers to deal with, too much information to assimilate. When you look at my pet score above for instance (I wasn't going to check but I see that other people are doing the same) I am not the best. My reputation bars remain as yet unmaxxed. Yes, this bothers me that these numbers aren't higher (or lower depending on the position) but the balancing act is one you need to learn and then stick to. We go back to the discussion we had a couple of months ago on the nature of time in gaming and that this Expansion, more than any other that has preceded it, is expecting you to be the mistress of your own destiny. The choices need to be made, by you, as to what happens when.

I am now faced, as a result, with some interesting decisions.

I can't pick up any more quests right now: my log is completely full. Four of these are account-related (more on which later in the week) and the rest... well, they're linked to the Zones I skipped when I hit 90 and just went mental. I feel there is a need now to go back to where I started when I dinged and actually finish Loremaster of Pandaria properly, to clear out all the remaining storylines I have left unfinished. Once that's done I can sit and work out with a bit more clarity where I want to be and what needs to be completed in terms of Daily Jobs. I also need to pick up enough Valor to reward me with an upgrade, which means some faffing inside instances.

New Numbers. Courtesy of MMO Champion.

There are other considerations too. I would like a bucket load of Ironpaw Tokens (for various reasons). The Shando Pan have a hat at Exalted I'd very like to own for mogging purposes. There is the Yak, and to finance THAT there is the grinding of mats to make stuffs... and then there are the distractions. Fishing Dailies. Champion Hunting. Wanting to go and solo content I know I'm now capable of that I couldn't do before. TOO. MANY. THINGS.

It is fabulous to be in a position where I don't know what I'd like to do first, but this does not make for long term satisfaction. I keep having plans and then I'm off on a tangent, and it is coming to the point where I think, for the sake of me playing this game long-term that I need to set some stuff in motion. The quests NEED to be completed and the Log cleared, at the expense (as will be necessary) of me not doing Dailies until they are. I NEED to get at least one of the big grind factions out of the way, just having done with the Tillers is not enough. Once that is all sorted there may finally be some return to a semblance of normality, which I could really use right now...

I still maintain that this is absolutely the right thing that Blizzard has done with questing. next time around, however, I think I need a better plan of action. Its not like I didn't know any of this stuff was coming, the numbers were there for some time... ^^

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