Monday, October 22, 2012

Getting the Band Back Together...

I get to fight in the BEST places... ^^

This weekend, I 'did' Pet Battles. Or rather, they did me :p

I captured FIFTY SIX pets this weekend, and have reached the point where I am ready to take on the Eastern Kingdoms Master Trainer. The ride was utterly addictive, and pleased many, MANY of my brain cells. Whoever came up with this idea at Blizzard HQ should be heartily congratulated, as it really does work as a completely separate entity in its own right.

I'm doing things (perhaps) a little differently than many of you guys, so I think to start a week's worth of Pet Battle Posts (possibly more if this continues to be a full-time job) I should explain my basic aims with the approach I'm taking. I'm doing my best to level a full Ten Man Team: one of each pet type, keeping up with each other whenever possible. This fell down late last night but the plan will be, as soon as is humanly possible, to have ten pets all at L15. This may be enough to take out the Pet Trainer in Deadwind Pass, it maybe not, we will see. My main concern (I must admit) is not speed, it is quality... or in this case Quality, not Quantity. To that end I spent a lot of time in each Eastern Kingdom zone yesterday, fighting multiple battles just to try and secure the pet rarity I was after.

Ask me about Finders Keepers later in the week... ^^

Part One of my plan was simple enough: complete as much of Eastern Kingdoms Trainer as I could, pick up any extra achievements along the way, then move onto Kalimdor and do the same. As of last night I just have Deadwind Pass and the Twilight Highlands to cover: Family Reunion was competed with the Pet Trainer in the Searing Gorge. I have key pets missing from the Hinterlands and Wetlands I'll need to go back and capture: the Jade Oozling is one I'd really like to nab as a Rare as the current Magic pet I'm using (Willy) isn't. The value of rare pets really is not to be underestimated in the fight to outclass NPC opposition, it means faster XP gatherage and the ability to punch above your level in normal fights. I have thoughts on that, watch this space.

I also took time out to battle a pet in every Alliance Capital with a quick detour to the Draenai starting area so I don't need to cover it in too much detail again. Then I was passing the Undercity and used a Wickerman scrap to nip in and tick off the first part of  the Horde equivalent achievement. My ten man team has remained pretty static through out all of this as well, though this will change this morning if I can snag a rare Oozeling from the Hinterlands:

  • HUMANOID: Delphi (Curious Oracle Hatchling)
  • DRAGONKIN: Lung (Celestial Dragon)
  • FLYING: Leyton (Fledgling Buzzard)
  • UNDEAD: Nutkin (Infected Squirrel)
  • CRITTER: Dime (Armadillo Pup)
  • MAGIC: Leela (Willy)
  • ELEMENTAL: Vargoth (Kirin Tor Familiar)
  • BEAST: Shadow (Dusk Spiderling)
  • AQUATIC: Sideways (Shore Crab)
  • MECHANICAL: Davros (Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot)

I began with Humanoid/Mechanical/Elemental and added along the way: it occurred to me very early on in the battling process that I should have access to at least one pet from every family to give me an even chance of beating whatever NPC opposition I had. I have very deliberately not checked pet trainer composition, so I could go into every fight 'cold' and try and work out tactics myself. I am very glad I did, as it has made the NPC battles anything but a formality. I realise this approach will not be to everyone's tastes but it suits my nature pretty well, and made for a very enjoyable couple of days 'work'...

This week is likely to see reduced playtime (first OU assessment for new module is due next week, might be an idea to actually write something for that) so when I am in game I'd expect to try and pick up rare versions of the poor quality uniques I've found and do my best to prepare for the showdown at Karazhan...


dobablo said...

Would it be silly to say you should probably complete the Horde city quest on a Horde alt?
I started my pet adventures over the weekend. I wonder how long it will be until pet battles becomes my default queueing activity over daily quests?

TheGrumpyElf said...

I started getting into the pet battles more this weekend. I have roughly 30 level 5+ at the moment.

I go through areas and keep fighting until I catch a rare of everything that area has to offer. It takes a butt load of time but it is insuring that I have a nicely leveled team, that is for sure.

I forgot about humanoid, I don't even have one of those leveled. Have to get on that.

I am doing what you basically are, quality and not quantity. Hence the reason I have so many ones leveling at the same time, as I wait out getting that one rare of each.

I am looking forward to your pet posts as I start to get into it more. Would be nice to get some expert tips. ;)

@Dobablo.. so simple, so easy, why did I not think of that one. lol My horde chars are still max 85 but don't need more than a level 5 to get to all the cities, so that idea works for everyone.

dobablo said...

Not looking up the pet battles really adds to the excitment because I can mess-up very easily. On old MacDonald I saw he had critter, mechanical and flying so I went beast, healing critter and L2 elemental. Unfortunatly my elemental was an Elementium Geode, with a magical base attack, making him useless. When his third pet (critter) came into play I had just my Fawn (critter) left standing in a healing AoE. He hit first and took my last pet down to 4 health. I still won, only due to the Fawn's overpowered healing.

The Godmother said...

@dob: RE: Getting the Hordie to battle. That's GENIUS, that is :D