Monday, October 08, 2012

Farming Today : Proceed to Stage Two!

You know when you're in trouble when this screenshot gets you excited...

When we last discussed the Tillers Farm reputation grind, I was ferrying the vast family 'o' alts down to Halfhill to begin their lives as market gardeners whilst waiting to be levelled. Yesterday I discovered that I'd reached Honored: not only had Farmer Yoon sent me a packet of complimentary seeds, but as considering a way to make his land more profitable by clearing some of the weeds away...

This is Gai Lan. You might remember him from the Weed Stomping...

Gai Lan, as you will know if you've done all the Valley quests, is a bit of a whiz with chemistry. Yoon asks you to go see him and enquire if he'll clear the weeds away on the Farm: if you gather 6 Spideroot from his land (watch the bugs) he'll make a fresh batch of weedkiller and come spray it all over your overgrowth. You can watch him do this, but takes 10 minutes and while he does you'll have a debuff:

I got fed up and went back to questing. City girl, eh?

Once the debuff vanishes and you come back...

The joy of eight plots, with added irrigation (left)

Not only am I now the proud owner of EIGHT (count them!) plots of soil. I now have IRRIGATION :O As I went into Honored, Gina Mudclaw suddenly had something new to sell me:

Can't wait for the goats. No really, I can't!

The crate begins a quest, and if you go hand the item over to Yoon he'll happily install it for you (though you will need to go in and out of phase to see it in situ) This effectively frees up a bag space as you can dispose of your watering can. The Pest Controller listed will do the same for the Bug Spray in time... and I can't wait until I get my Plow. I mean, FOUR PLOTS TILLED AT ONCE :O

At this point in my Tillers career, I am beginning to start to take notice of the ten NPC's with whom I can also gain reputation, as all of them clearly has some relevance to my farming career. This means I have to make them like me, and it appears the easiest way to do this is to cook them all meals. There is another way: I became aware of the 'Dark Soil' long before I was even Friendly from Guildies: across The Heartland there are random spawns of said soil, which when actioned may contain a 'Perfect Gift' for one of your NPC mates. I've yet to turn one of these in, but checking on the Internets tells me you'd get 900 rep from the relevant recipient. I know these items also are a possible harvested drop from crops, and that's where I'll look for them for now. I'm too busy doing a bazillion dailies all over the shop to go hunting for piles of dirt :p

Back to the food: it transpires (as my husband discovered this morning) that all 10 NPC's offer a daily food quest: hand over five of their favourite meal and get a rep bump. Even if the relevant character is not visiting the market that day you'll be able to find them in and around the Heartland. Suddenly, all those food ingredients aren't just important for making Banquets...

  • Tina Mudclaw eats Fire Spirit Salmon
  • Gina Mudclaw eats Swirling Mist Soup
  • Haohan Mudclaw eats Charbroiled Tiger Steak
  • Chee Chee eats Valley Sir Fry
  • Farmer Fung eats Wildfowl Roast
  • Jogu the Drunk eats Sauteed Carrots
  • Old Hillpaw eats Braised Turtle
  • Ella eats Shrimp Dumplings
  • Sho eats Eternal Blossom Fish
  • Fish Fellreed eats Twin Fish Platter
Some of these items will be more difficult than others for you to gather: you can grow your own vegetables of course but the prospect of 25 scallions a day (along with 25 salmon) to keep Tina Mudclaw happy may not sit well if you're trying to grind food for raiding. Needless to say, I intend to make a stack of 20 of each of these recipes so I can have a four day uninterrupted set of handins.

I am helped, of course, having a huge family of 85's effectively sitting about doing nothing: except of course, they're not any more. Most are installed in the Lazy Turnip, and growing the basic veggies I need: two each are on carrots and scallions (for agility and farming rep, meaning I have a minimum of 40 a day to use) plus another on melons while the others fill in the gaps.

This is where I ask Blizzard, on the off-chance they are reading: Bring on the Cookery Bag!


Ellie said...

Cookery bags have to be coming, don't they? But I wonder which profession will make 'em (crosses fingers for leatherworking...).

lometa said...

It's still all a riddle to me. Is it worth the time sink to have alts planting before the first toone gets to 90?

Anonymous said...

I have had all 10 farming from the start. The gold profit alone from selling the harvested crops are worth it.

Yoco said...

About the watering can: you can destroy it anyway; as hinted by Yoon's text when he first gives it to you, it will reappear at the farm for you to pick up when you need it. The same is true for the bug sprayer. That's two bag slots saved. You can probably see it on the toon that unlocked the jinyu princess - the watering can is ready for you to be picked up.

I'm only slowly sending my army of alts to halfhill, one by one, and only on my main realm so far. If I'd use all 28 of my level 85+ characters to go farming I wouldn't have enough time in a day to even finish farming those 4 initial plots on all of them :)

Bob Flintston said...

Cookery Bag, what about a silo or Account wide refrigerator? The mats are just too much for any character to carry.

TheGrumpyElf said...

It should be noted that once you reach best friends with any of the tillers you can not get the food dailies any more and lose that easy 5 valor for turning in food.

I put in a ticket and was told it did not make sense, so maybe it is just a bug now.