Sunday, October 14, 2012

Farming Today: Fishing for Compliments

Do I know you...? ^^

Farming has again crossed a threshold: moving from Honored to Revered with the Tillers sent me yesterday to meet with Fish Fellreed, who knows the story of how Yoon's Grandfather saved the Valley. You should go talk to her yourself when you get the chance, there are a couple of tales she can tell that are worth your time. I arrived here however with one task in mind: there's the wagon Grandpa Yoon famously utilised on my farm that needs fixing, and once its moved off the land we'll have space for some more plots for crops... :D

I'm going to need some planks, then...

Fish asks for lumber, and there are 100 planks in the lake where she resides that will do the job (love how the Pandarans recycle, not so keen on the crabs guarding the piles) Once I'd dredged them out Fish was happy to get to work on making me some much-needed space:

Fish is quite handy with a hammer...

Again, whilst Fish is working on your farm you'll have a 10 minute debuff until she's done. Whilst she was repairing the wagon I went and checked for further available upgrades, and discovered that in planting terms Revered is where the really interesting stuff unlocks:

Oooh I say. This is significant.

You don't just have the capacity to grow vegetables on your farm: there are plants which provide you with raw materials to boot. Checking the flavour text on all of these seeds will give you clues as to what you might harvest: The cactus for instance has the capacity to catch cloth scraps as it grows, and should yield you Windwool Cloth when harvested. The seed that interests me the most however is the Songbell Seed: once you've harvested veggies for cookery, planting these will guarantee a harvest of a Mote of Harmony. So if you don't have time to farm for these and want them for other items, here's a very easy alternative. The Saplings will give you a chance to grow a green-quality item which will allow you to grow a tree at a random location for three minutes.

Farm Mark 3: Four extra plots, and free extra irrigation!

Tina Mudclaw also has another farm improvement on offer once you hit Revered:

Look, not just a Scarecrow!

My farm now has the latest in bug-repelling technology. Each repeller covers four plots, I'm hoping they're waterproof coz I'm not sure I want to be standing near one when my sprinklers go off... :D

Its started to rain, this might get messy... ^^

It'll be a long slog until Exalted, but my first bumper harvest last night was enough to help me finish the Way of the Wok, and tonight's should ensure I've got the Way of the Grill finished as well. I predict a vast amount of Jade Squash, Mogu Pumpkins and Witchberries in my future, plus many many Green Cabbages... :D

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