Saturday, September 08, 2012

Welcome to Alternative Towers

The Ambassador, she is spoiling us!

I've meant to do this for a while, and now it's done.

Alternative Towers is my latest Vanity Guild. I'm out of space, and it seemed like a good idea, and as a couple of people have asked me whether I had a guild named after the Webby...

One of the advantages (for me at least) of sharing everything across one account is the fact my L1 Bankalt not only can look stylish, but can have a ridiculously inappropriate title to slum around Ironforge with. I suspect that this won't be my only 'branch' either, and that other Alternative Towers regional offices may spring up over time. If you see a member of our friendly staff on your travels, feel free to say hello, pop in for a cup of tea and some Chocolate Fudge Cake and be assured you've found a friendly place for a chat!

I'm also rather pleased that Black Embersilk Robe finally found a worthwhile recipient...


Navimie said...

Now don't you look gorgeous :)

The Godmother said...

There may have, for the first time, been some deliberate co-ordination at the character creating screen to match the robe :D