Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The View from the Back...

Suddenly all that planning is worthwhile :D

This is my Mogging Hunter. She is so called because her mog outfit is the single most viewed thing on my entire website ^^ It transpires all the work I did getting her gun to match her gear has paid off now the Nessingwary 9000 sits on her back, and I have to say an outfit I was really pleased with before is one I think is utterly awesome now. I'm missing Mog It right now and am really hoping an updated version will be appearing sooner rather than later, especially as I have a problem with the Blokie Hunter and his choice of firepower:

It's not working. It's Dwarven sure, but its not working...

I like the gear my Hunter's currently wearing (PvP gears from vendors in Outland with various odds and ends thrown in) but the weapon is going to be an issue. I'd normally turn to Mog It for inspiration but with it causing a festival of LUA errors when I try I sense I'm back to World of Wardrobes for the time being (unless any of you good people know better of course!) It may seem like a lot of effort but I'm more than aware of the number of hunters who are having trouble getting the outfits they want, and I'd like to make a real effort with my favourite class, because I spend so much time staring at their backs when playing.

Looking at it, World of Wardrobes do't yet have a Gun section completed :( Right, its back into game and onto Atlas I go... ^^


Xelophant said...

Mogit updated last night I think, got a slight face lift to. Definitely go see if you can get it now.

The Godmother said...

RAR! Off to update now \o/

dreamsofisorath said...


Wow. Okay. I tracked down the original post, and how did I not see that before? (Probably because I usually make my own transmog outfits rather than copy other people's.) That's a gorgeous set.

Blue's my favourite colour, and I got Scholomance to cough up the Bloodmail legs for my hunter before it changed, and and and and. Must go see about collecting that outfit, or something very similar.

I know what I'll be doing today, I guess :D

Andy said...

I reckon Rifle of the Platinum Guard would go well on yer dorf chap – it drops off Ignis in Ulduar 10, so not a great hassle to get if you can assemble two or three other players.