Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Joy of Not Knowing

Ooh look, Valor Points :O

Perhaps THE best aspect of the entire Expansion thus far is the element of surprise.

I was a bad beta tester: I realised quite early in that the desire to do stuff ahead of everyone else was rapidly diminished ahead of the need Not To Be Spoilt. By far the biggest element of satisfaction I have derived from this game over the years has been the sheer excitement to be gained in riding around and discovering stuff on my own. That's why there was no post yesterday because that's what I did: I filled in as much of the map as I was capable of on horseback, taking in the scenery along the way. I killed a rare at Kun Lai Summit, I died more times than I care to remember hurling myself off cliffs, but it was GLORIOUS. Part of me misses the days when there were no flying mounts, I realise, as I grasped I can't achieve exploration achievements without one. No matter, it will happen eventually.

I did a stupid amount of stuff over Friday and Saturday, but again I deliberately avoided levelling because I'm rather enjoying that experience with my husband (and I think by the annoyance I detected when I picked up a quest he didn't have, the feeling might be mutual) Instead I fished, I pulled more alts out to Halfhill, I hunted for Lorewakers Scrolls, I gathered (and killed the same Rare again in Jade Forest that I did two days ago) and, probably most importantly in terms of logistics, got P installed in the Valley of Eternal Blossoms. The lack of an AH there makes me rather happy, meaning the Bankalt network really will come into its own in the coming weeks. I shudder to think how much crap my Dwarf MegaBanker has to deal with right now, but that's a problem for another day.

Professions wise looks remarkably healthy: I have Leatherworking, Skinning and Alchemy maxxed. Mining on the Mogging alt is also maxxed and because I have now discovered Potion of Luck takes THREE Golden Loti I think maxxing herbalism and getting her on a daily round trip is pretty much essential. The Alchemy discovery mechanic is excellent, and I think that ought to be the way you find things out in other professions too, variations on the theme of the same basic recipe. That's going to mean a shedload of raw mats to be shipped to everybody, of course, so the Mogging Hunter will have her work cut out, and she's already well over halfway to 86 just by picking stuff up. She also has a fetching (and matching) Water Strider pet :D

Again, 10 points for the pet naming reference.

The joy at the Nat Pagle fish catch last night as I was gathering mats for the next tier of the 6-pronged cookery specialisation makes me really rather glad I never went ahead and wrote guides or invested heavily in being organised during beta: the joy of discovering it with everyone else is worth far more than the knowledge in advance. This is one of those rare cases where I reckon that kind of head start would have made this far less of a joyous experience and far more of a chore, and I'm glad I didn't decide to tread that path. For now, I'll predict I'll see 89 tonight or tomorrow (and with it the chance to biff Coren for those trinkets) and after that... well, 90 will come when it does, and then we'll see where we are. Needless to say this is the slowest I've consciously levelled anyone in game during the first days of an expansion, and its the least prepared I've been to boot.

I'm absolutely LOVING it.

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Rush said...

Totally agree about being on horseback (or Sunwalker Kodoback as the case may be). While the convenience to fly over everything to get to the ore node is occasionally missed, I love being back in the world again.

And it's probably taking me twice as long to quest, as I constantly get sidetracked by more Ghost Iron. I hadn't even thought about stopping for fishing pools. Now I'm never going to get anywhere.