Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Out Here In The Fields...

I like my legumes LARGE :D

Yesterday was probably one of the most significant days of my life so far.

That's a big statement, but I feel I can qualify it in context where it matters. Needless to say, its taken this long for my brain to get to a state where I'm able to distil stuff to the screen, so I should apologise to you good people for the radio silence yesterday, on what was also a fairly significant day for the Game. As is often the case, time does not give you the luxury of waiting. Stuff just happens. The full story of WHY yesterday was so significant will become clear in time, but until then let us focus on the actual matter in hand: Mists has been out 1.5 days. I am not level 90. I do not possess a Realm First (huge kudos to the many of you out there reading who do, you should feel justifiably proud of your achievement) What I do have however is an XP bar, a bag full of cookery ingredients, and no real idea of what I want to do next.

Everything is a possible Achievement. HOW COOL IS THAT!

Once the chaos of Launch Nite had subsided, I woke up with pretty much only one thought in my head: GO EXPLORE. The overriding desire to just steam through the content as quickly as possible to get 90 against my name was never a priority to begin with anyway, but as I took the time to explore (and clean up skins, thanks frantic questers!) I could almost feel the Zen calm washing over me. Everything was a possibility: go start a farm (CHECK) do some Pet Battles (needs work) Seek out a Rare Spawn (CHECK) and just generally make my fellow members of #TEAMFAFF proud. I found myself deliberately skipping quest givers after a while, happy to tag along with my Husband when he's home and do that side of business as he does. Instead I'll go wander, pick up Archaeology (Rare in Progress), do some fishing (love the crates I keep fishing up with Darkmoon Stuffs in them) and when 90 turns up, we'll worry about that then.

Me and Dubya the Bug. 10 points if you get the reference.

There really is just too much to take in for my brain at present: SIX branches of Cookery (all being trained) with a way to shovel all my spare stuff into Tokens. Many, many Battle Pets not going on the AH AT all currently, (new plan formulated there) and everything else in-between has demanded I rationalise myself a bit. As a result, this is probably what I'll do every day for the next week or so:

  • Log in P
  • Update new armour items in SW, mog them at the same time
  • Send various stuffs to other alts for useage/destruction
  • Portal To Pandaria
  • Fly to MY FARM (suckered as charged) to harvest previous days crop.
  • Plant new crops
  • Check Cookery Quest Status
  • FAFF

What else happens... well, who can tell?

I did manage to run both the Stormstout Brewery and the Temple of the Jade Serpent last night: once as a healer and once as dps and on first impression both are going cause some issues for the unwary, while at the same time be entertaining for at least the first six months. As to whether the gimmicks will get old? DONKEY KONG. Nuff said :D

I'll do a Day 2 update later, but even with the stuff ups in the first 2.5 hours of launch yesterday was pretty impressive. If things continue like this, I'd say Blizzard is onto a winner.


The Gold Queen said...

yum, big carrots :)

Anonymous said...

Can I ask how you were able to get to the Tillers/farming area without levelling? I had thought it was in the 2nd zone (ie. after Jade Forest)? I'd love to know, b/c i'm taking my time on quests,enjoying the scenery too - but would love to get my farm going!

dobablo said...

Veh Dubya ? Is it a love bug?

Are quests to open the farm accessable to all L85s? If so I might have to run some alts to Halfhill.

Anonymous said...

The farm is open at 85. I just followed the road there. I now have 8 farms growing.