Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fishing Gets Interesting

Fishing WITH A STICK? IN PANDARIA? Surely you jest!

It is something of an understatement to say that Fishing has been awarded some major love in Pandaria.

Having lost a weapon slot, Fishing has also become a bit of a faff, especially in areas where mobs are likely to munch you (which in the new world is just about everywhere) Suddenly the 'basic' fishing ability of stick and twine (or being able to fish without a pole equipped) has come into its own. As every catch from a pool is guaranteed, I've been making sure I fish only in pools in full DPS gear, using the twig so that if I end up in combat I can kill fast and go back to the matter in hand. Skill bonus don't matter in a pool, only the contents do, and with the numbers of fish I'll need to catch to level cookery, I have been fishing for a while.

A healthy balance of practical and personal :D

The only key difference to this plan has been to catch the two 'daily quest' fish I've unearthed in open water (see previous post) which I'll only do when safe from attack and with the full fishing gear on. As with life, its all about knowing what tools work well for which task.

There's also a couple of comments to be made on what exactly you're fishing up at present:

Not all fishing pools are this impressive. Trufact.

I am reliably formed by the statistically-savvy @elsanglin on Twitter that Pandaria's crates yield approximately 0.3 Black and White Trillium each. However, having spent seven years at the mercy of the RNG I also know that some days are luckier than others, and by the stack of both I have I'd say I've benefitted from some random fishing love. However I do know the rate at which I'm fishing up Motes of Harmony is comparable to the rate at which they drop from mobs at present, which makes fishing a viable substitute for grinding.

I'd hope that the Darkmoon component of the chests might be replaced in time, that we might see a variation of the Sealed Crate, perhaps a Pandaran Sealed Crate, with more useful items than the food and drink we're currently pulling from the water. For now, they're vendor trash, one of the very few things actually being sold in the first weeks of the Expansion... :D


Jaedia said...

I do love this new obtion but can't resist my Kaluak pole! The joys of being a caster. :3

Kadomi said...

Oh man, thanks for that advice. I kept being jumped by tigers in Krasarang Wilds, and my Kaluak pole doesn't really do it DPS-wise. Fantastic.