Monday, September 03, 2012

Every Day is a School Day... :D

Today, I learnt that, as a Caster, I can benefit from Expertise in 5.0.4.

The item in question. I was confused.

I'd taken my first trip to the excellent Ask Mr Robot site, looking to see if they'd updated everything for the new patch and I could add 'reforge all the things' to my growing To Do List for the next few weeks. I decided to use my Warlock as the test subject in this, and was happily reforging my way down the changed items when I hit the Infinite Loop and was immediately troubled: EXP? Surely that can't mean Expertise?

One point of expertise decreases the chance that melee attacks made by the player will be dodged or parried by 0.25%. (WowWiki Definition)

My definition of expertise comes from the early days, and looking at this instruction I could only conclude that I'd unearthed some kind of bug. I did what I would normally do at this point with any site that I knew was active via the wonders of Twitter, I sent the Mr Robot minions a tweet:

Seven hours later (which is IMO a bloody good response time for anyone who doesn't know you from Adam), my tweet was replied to:

Melee-lock builds, you say... NO DON'T GO THERE!

If you're a caster, I'd strongly suggest you check out the 5.0.4 changes Mr Robot has rolled out. This includes a handy Venn Diagram which shows that a combination of hit AND expertise isn't just of benefit to melee classes any more. There's also interesting factoids like racial weapon bonuses counting towards hit (that I wasn't aware of) plus a bunch of actual numbers of what 1% of any given stat converts to. Seriously, go read, you will learn stuff. I did, and I promptly retweeted my enlightenment to my Twitterati followers. I'd like to thank Mr Robot for retweeting me in return, which is undoubtedly the most people any one of my random ramblings has ever reached.

Thank you for educating me, it is greatly appreciated, and I'd urge anyone who needs help understanding what needs to go where in the reforging department to give the Mr Robot site a look-see.

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dobablo said...

Found the GC watercooler on this.


"Expertise will negate dodge and spell miss, then parry."

I still don't believe it. I am inclined to believe it only applies to Mix'n'Match classes. It is something that will require a bit of testing between me, a combat dummy and my tabard.