Friday, September 07, 2012

Adventures in Nerfed Content

Now loading the past. I remember it well... (from Wowwiki)

I am now officially 4/8 DS Heroic.

Now before I get a slew of 'doesn't count, content is nerfbatted' responses to this statement (which I am rather pleased with) I should qualify a couple of points:

  1. Yes, I KNOW it doesn't count. That's EXACTLY why it's awesome.
  2. I love NOT being relevant, or first, if it means I have tons of fun in the process (and last night I really did enjoy myself in DS for the first time in I don't know how long) and I can raid with a bunch of people similarly having a whale of a time.
  3. Nerfing existing content serves a VERY important role, perhaps more important than anyone who strives to complete it first will ever really grasp.

Let me take you back, if I may, to the Golden Days of TBC (TM) In those days entering Mount Hyjal in the game world was punishable by a three day ban (I know a Guildie who did, he vanished soon after) The arrival of the Battle for Hyjal therefore was highly anticipated, but as a Guild we were nowhere near capable of making it past the first boss... until the nerfbat swang with the major set of class and ability changes that foreshadowed the arrival of Arthas. When it became apparent just how a) easy things had become and b) overpowered (in relative terms) we were, it would have been rude not to go and cut a swathe through the entire place... and we did. That night is still talked about by some people in Guild to boot, remembered as an awesome evening of madness, Epic maces (you should know the one, we had two drop) and the Guild being truly capable for the first time of conquering 25 mans. This set us up for Naxx in Northrend and probably what was the Golden Age for us in Second Tier Raiding.


It's been a lean expansion for us, all told, but we've consistently pulled out a 10 man team for everything, and DS on Heroic last night was possibly THE BEST THING that could have happened to us in terms of consolidating our team dynamics. Fights (I suspect) that would have taken weeks to learn were distilled down to a couple of basic instructions (kill little tentacles first, then work upwards, make sure the purple blob always dies) and off we went, merrily outgearing what we found but at the same time revelling in a different way to do fights that LFR has ingrained into our subconscious. For those who were rewarded last night (NO HUNTER LOOT WHAT'S THAT ABOUT) they're items that will last a couple of weeks into the Expansion if they're lucky... but really, that wasn't the point. The Achievement points were largely academic as well, as I think about it... it was all about the teamwork.

As a Guild Leader perhaps the most difficult thing to instil into a team of people is motivation, especially at the arse-end of an Expansion. One of the reasons my Guild has been together as long as it has is the fact we all know how to get on with each other, and we're pretty good at accommodating each other on bad days. Last night, no-one had a bad day. Our second healer (who's normally one of our best mages) played an absolute blinder and no-one was carrying anyone else, everyone bought a solid and decent performance to Dragonblight, and it showed. Getting 4/8 at the end of the evening makes me very enthusiastic for the ACTUAL HARD CONTENT that's coming, and that everybody will be giving it their best shot when the time comes. I think, last night, everyone exemplified what our 'Smart Casual' moniker really means, and I am very proud of them all.

Tonight we'll be wandering into the Firelands, I suspect that too will be an awful lot of fun :D Suddenly Pandarian raid content cannot come soon enough...


Navimie said...

What rubbish! It counts! You killed it. Yes it was nerfed but just coz you didn't kill it when it was current means...? Well it means that you're not a hard core raider who flogged themselves hard for that kill. But does it matter? Is that how you want to play? No, you play at your pace and it was your challenge and nobody else's. Don't let anyone take your victory from you.

Jonathan said...

Nice one, it was only 2/8 when I logged off. :-)

Ah, I remember that night in Mt Hyjal very well, it was indeed awesome - right up there with some of our best guild evenings (both raids and other stuff, like Gnome Races and costume competitions).

I always enjoy that period pre-expansion when everyone is imba. The pressure's off as the gear will be obsolete in a few weeks; it's like a football pre-season friendly. :-)

Last week's Firelands whetted my appetite for raiding again after the summer break. Charrrrrge!

Sarolian said...

First, what they ---^^ said ;)

Yes, things are nerfed, but it was still AWESOOoooOOoME!!!

It's clear that this pre-expansion imbaness serves its purpose. Being imba and seeing cool end content makes the players more psyched about the expansion and all the goodies it will bring :)

And some guides can nick off, clearly the way to victory is to kill the purple blob all the time :P

But w/o branes those fights would still be hard. Nerfs isn't the same as roflstompfacerolling through content...

Anonymous said...

The people who do world firsts dont care when you did it their challenge is to get through it when it is its hardest. The challenge of it and the pressure of the race is where they derive their enjoyment. They often congratulate the other top guilds as and when they complete the same challengeing content whether it be before or after them.

The people who will complain that you can do it now its nerfed or tell you it doesn't count want to feel like special snowflakes because they did something other people hadn't their bragging rights are being eroded and they get shirty about it. Its just as much of an achievement as you feel it is and as long as you are playing the game and enjoying yourself you are doing it right.

quori said...

Thank you for stating exactly what I always say too :)