Saturday, July 07, 2012

Something About You...

I don't normally do Challenges, mostly because I'm not that great at them. However, Battlechicken's July Challenge is one I'd have to go some to screw up. I need to talk about myself.

Actually, you know, that is often an issue. I don't do self-promotion very well. I used to be all out there, all the time in my youth, but then I learnt a harsh lesson. There is a time and a place for everything. Since the birth of my second child things have been decidedly different in my mind and across my life. Post Natal Depression highlighted issues I knew had existed well before my children were born but I refused to deal with, and I was forced to do an awful lot of re-assessment. As it transpires, I reckon that this was probably the best thing that could have happened (two car accidents during that time notwithstanding ^^) and now I can say with a fair deal of confidence that I am a far better person all round. So, there's one thing you didn't know about me. Here's some of my more notable highlights:

  • I once gave J. Michael Straczynski an award. He's quite tall :D
  • I designed an official website for a cult UK TV show, long before such things were popular. I went to Pinewood for the show's wrap party. The Bond fan in me squeed for weeks afterwards.
  • I've been on TV twice. I had an entire show on BBC2. It was only five minutes long, but still... ^^
  • I went to the US to see 'The Phantom Menace' the week it was released. So disappointed was I with what I saw that I went next door in the multiplex and saw 'The Mummy' to cheer me up. It was a far better film.
  • I won tickets to go to the Royal Premiere of 'ET' in London. Diana, Princess of Wales smiled at me.

If you want more personal stuff, you could ask me in the comments and I will consider an answer. Just be careful what you wish for... :P


Ambermist said...

I had Post-Pardum Depression with both of my kids, and a mess of a story with my daughter's father. You get mad props and big /hugs from me--it takes a LOT to walk away from that kind of stuff and learn about yourself from it.

You sound cool, can we hang out? I'll swim to the UK, shouldn't be that hard... :-P

The Godmother said...

No swimming required, come find me here whenever you need me :D Welcome to my World :P