Friday, July 06, 2012


You'd not think it now, but today has been all about precipitation. It started raining a little after 5am here and didn't stop until 2pm, and when your kids have a day off school that makes life a bit frustrating. However, its now a lot more like a July evening should be and while they are out making the most of what's left of the day, I can take the opportunity for a bit of a faff roundup. You get Madonna for free to boot, before she went all wibbly. This is my favourite Madge song, by the way. It's the bit at 2.39 that gets me EVERY TIME.

Anyway, I digress. Bullet Point Faff Update incoming!

  • Four alts have done a complete LFR run. Two more have Part Two still to do. Lowest iLevel is now 375 on the Horde Hunter. The Mogged Hunter lucked out in LFR2 by snagging BOTH APPROPRIATE WEAPONS. I've also managed a couple of decent upgrades , and will need to spend the weekend grinding mats for gems and required enhancements.
  • I have started to formulate grinding strategies on alts for cash, finding areas where I can combine a couple of tasks simultaneously.
  • I did a One Hour Treasure Pot Grind on P this morning, am going to do the same with the Mage Tailor later to see how much more cloth I can garner.
  • All my Dreamcloth is now on CD.
  • All my Transmutes are on CD.

All in all, despite not feeling 100%, I seem to have gotten quite a bit done... :D

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imageheavy said...

Oh, faffing ... I had no time to faff today!

Or yesterday, actually.