Saturday, July 28, 2012

[BETA] Your Latest Gold Sink

I was accused earlier in the week of not knowing what a gold sink is. Well, I know what one is now. This is:

Screenie from the Wowhead beta site.

The cost of an orb? 25,000g. What is it used for? Take a guess... :D

Yes, those mounts. Oh, and THOSE MOUNTS!

We all knew about the Panther mounts, but the Engineering mounts are a surprise, with a twist. All of these guys appear to be bind-free. That means that both engineers and jewelcrafters will have a rather lucrative new cash-generating strand... but don't expect it to be easy to make :D

3 comments: said...

25 000 gold :X:X:X I'm happy that I'm not a jewelcrafters or engineers :)

arcanewordsmith said...

I'm happy that I now know the ingredients of said mounts. I can pay someone for the Orb and work on acquiring the rest if need be.

Gen said...

Wheee... engineering money makers other than the Chopper = WIN!

Thank you Blizz and thank you Godmother for all the tips that have made my gold stockpile grow to a level where this will be doable!!