Saturday, July 14, 2012

[BETA] Ah. The Goats.

Goats: is there nothing they can't do?

Today has been pretty much the Mother of all Busts.

I'd planned to play Pet Battles and report from the Beta, but the client refused to play pretty much point blank whenever I tried to launch it. Once I did get in (of course) the mechanic is irretrievably borked. The one screenshot I managed to get (from the Valley of the Four Winds) is at least of some use, and it tells me I'm going to need EVEN MORE GOLD for the goats available from the Tillers.

This was clearly the Game Gods way of telling me to go make some cash on Live, which I have, and I plan to have a report on that tomorrow. For now, before I get even more frustrated, I think its time for an early night...


Aoife said...

Mercury is retrograde starting today -- you can use that as an excuse for any communication-related failures for the next few weeks. ;-)

imageheavy said...

See, a goat to ride on isn't so much a want as it is a necessity. Blizzard knows this.

BRB farming until my eyes bleed.