Friday, July 27, 2012

An Open Letter to Blizzard on Coren Direbrew.

Brewfest will be updated for Mists of Pandaria. This means that you will have approximately 10 days after the release of Mists of Pandaria to reach level 89 in order to queue for the Brewfest dungeon boss. Luckily though, a lot of the content does not have a level requirement so you will still be able to participate in a lot of the fun even if you are not level 89 :)

Dear Blizzard,

I appreciate you've been working quite intensely the last couple of weeks to hit your planned release date, and I for one would like to thank you for the hard work and effort of everyone involved. I am sure that you have prepared a magnificent expansion for us all to enjoy. However, I think you're sending out the wrong signals with this blue post.

I'm not sure its a good idea to start telling people they need to level in X days so they can access content that, for the vast majority of those who will be experiencing it, will be inappropriately high. This will of course not prevent the 'hardcore' from pushing hard to gain an advantage and, it could be argued, it will give just that to anyone lucky enough to snag the higher-level trinkets by being there 'at the off' I don't think this is a good thing, and I don't think it fits into the ethos of gaming that your company strives so hard to maintain.

There are three possible options as I can see:

  1. Restrict the content completely (thus restricting any new Monks the ability to achieve the event) No-one gets to get the items until next year, thus making them largely redundant.
  2. Downgrade the entire event's ilevel to 'current' levels, thus further degrading the use of the trinkets.
  3. Move the Festival completely.
Whatever you decide to do I would sincerely hope you do SOMETHING because I think this situation has potential consequences you may not fully have either considered and anticipated. Your player base are both canny and ingenious, and there will already be people looking to be creative with this potential situation. I'd like to think you will be one step ahead of them, as you have always been, and you will come up with a solution that means everyone continues to play on the same, level field.

I look forward to see how this situation develops.

The Godmother.

Thanks to @loopnotdefined on Twitter for the tipoff on this :D


OldRolandGuy said...

"I'd like to think you will be one step ahead of them, as you have have signally failed to be so on previous Brewfests." There, fixed.

Do you not remember, dear Godmother, the start of Cataclysm's first Cashfest, thanks to Coren's deep pockets?

The Godmother said...

24 hours of endless glods, indeed. However, as a mum, if our son came to us and said 'sorry, I need to grind stupidly to level so my Guild can be the first to have all of these so we can get a World First' I'd be sad that Blizzard hadn't at least considered the possibility...

Pixelated Executioner said...

I feel sorry for the people who will need a direbrew kill this year for the meta, and won't be able to get it unless they blitz through all the content.

Enjoy the game to its fullest and wait a year for a meta... Or gobble up everything and miss out on all the stuff the devs want you to see. What great choices!

Jonathan said...

Rushing content to get to a seasonal Event seems just plain wrong to me.

Option 4: Brewfest this year has the current level 85 version of Coren Direbrew, then after Winter Veil we have Brewfest II: Electric Boogaloo (with a level 89-90 fight) - the drinking continues!

Rebecca Spaulding said...

I understand where you are coming from, but I have to disagree. A guildie of mine phrased our thinking well: "IF someone is that 'hardcore' to really want the brewfest trink on a monk it could be done, but someone that dedicated will have plenty of options to be raid ready in a reasonable time anyway.
Anyone who's not that hardcore can wait a year, take an account-wide achieve, or simply chill, man".

I personally feel like 10 days is a substantial amount of time for just about anyone to reach 89, casual, slow, and the like. Having a monk receive the achievements doesn't seem necessary due to account wide achieves, and if you really were expecting to get a trinket for that monk asap at a high ilvl, you're crazy to begin with. Worrying about leveling a monk from 1-89 should not be a concern imo.

Even if your toon billybob has 90% of the meta achieve done, and sallysue gets to 90 first and gets to defeat the boss etc etc... you win because it counts toward the overall achieve. Your monk's loot will come in due time.

TheGrumpyElf said...

I don't think it is a good idea to force people into leveling like that but for myself I do not see it being any issue.

I'll be max level on my main within 24 hours most likely and quite possible on three or four characters before it is over. But I am a leveling freak, I like doing that, but most don't.

It is wrong to make people feel as if they need to push to get there.

Anonymous said...

I really wish Blizzard would wait 2 weeks until they open MoP raids too. The last 2 xpacs I've had to rush through content as fast as possible so I could be ready to raid. It's a huge design flaw.

Navimie said...

OH God, I don't think I can make it in 10 days. Bleh. OH well, one year with no Direbrew I guess isn't that terrible...

Ellie said...

Isn't an alternative to leave it at current entry level (or a little higher), but leave the loot at level 90 loot? Means people have an incentive to level (as they'll have the trinkets waiting for them, but they don't have to level in time for Brewfest.

El said...

"In order to make sure you guys have some more time to prepare for this year's Brewfest, we have pushed the whole event forward by just over a week, stopping short of overlapping with the Hallow’s End event."