Monday, June 18, 2012

The Return of an Old Friend...

...screencapping Jesse before it becomes illegal to do so... ^^

Before we start. The Fast Show. Why haven't you seen it?

I had a plan for the weekend, which was fairly successfully derailed by a new reader request. Therefore, I think it might be a plan to actually get myself organised this week to prevent this from happening (though I have registered the request for a dungeon guide, but I'm not sure quite how I'd do it just now. I think it might end up being a little too tongue in cheek...) However, I digress.

This week, I will be mostly...

  • Finishing the Minipets Database Entry. 100 pets (approximately) to go. Then it's time to take 500 pictures ^^
  • Getting people to test it. I know who you are. I'll send e-mails/DM's via Twitter out this week. If you're reading this and would like to test the database, post in the comments please.
  • Getting the Horde Hunter geared to LFR standard. Then sending her out to the Tournament for pet farming. Then, MOG OUTFIT :D
  • Starting the grind to 85 on the Paladin.
  • Playing the Horde Rogue, probably to 40 so I can train the next level of Tailoring/Enchanting.
  • Putting the first of the 85's into storage (post on this to follow)

For now however I'll be off for a much needed dose of RL Stuffs, starting at the Gym :D


Rebecca Spaulding said...

Hey woman! I'm a newer reader of yours, and I find your writing quite entertaining! I was wondering what this pet business is all about, and figured I would offer a lending hand in the testing out phase if you needed another helper!

Just let me know. :)

The Godmother said...

Consider yourself recruited! :D