Monday, June 11, 2012

Paying it Forward Time.

I think I can comfortably state, unless there is a miracle of Biblical proportions, that Mists of Pandaria isn't going to launch on the date I stated it would. I could wait and hope, but the more I look at the evidence the more I come to realise I was being falsely optimistic in my assumption that late July was doable. As a result, I have a bet to consider.

The plan had been to settle it with some video, but I have the chance now to do something far better.

My twitter friend @wowmartiean, with whom I arranged the bet, has been through some tough times of late. He's currently without a job and working hard to make a name for himself in the fairly cut-throat 'video commentary' world. It occurs to me I'd like to help him out if I can, and I was wondering how I could do that when circumstances dropped a little extra money in my lap. He had joked with me via Twitter that one of his friends had suggested that if I lost, I bought him the Collectors Edition of Mists as my forfeit.

I've decided I'm going to do just that.

Joe, if you're reading this I've sent you a DM via Twitter to request your Paypal details, and as soon as I have them I'll be sending you what I believe you'll need to buy the Collectors Edition this time around, plus a little extra on top. I know how hard you work to do what you do, and I hope this will go some way towards making you realise that sometimes you just need to have faith in yourself for everything to work out just fine. I hope you'll enjoy playing the game, and you can have all the added extras on me.

I hope this means you'll let me off getting myself ganked in Orgrimmar as a result...


@WoWMartiean said...

I am absolutely stunned. I really don't know what to say. I JUST received yet another rejection letter for a job minutes before you contacted me today. I am working hard just to make sure I can keep my home, much less my internet but now I know that when I do, I will have MoP waiting for me. You don't know how much this act of kindness means to me. I do lose faith, I do get discouraged, and I do worry things wont work out.. but then something out of the blue like this happens. Its not about the game, its about people. Its why I love WoW. Its a social game with a real community, which is why I wanted so much to be a part of it. Again I can't believe this is happening.

No words will ever be enough. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the thought, the caring enough to look out for me, even from such a great distance. I am incredibly touched, and will always remember this.


The Godmother said...

You are more than welcome Hun, and I know you'll enjoy the game as much as I will :D

Keep the Faith: one day, your luck WILL change for the better :D

Jonathan said...

A very nice way to settle a bet.

Still think you shoukd walk through Stormwind and the Panda starting zone, frequently announcing your over-optimism, however. :-)