Thursday, June 07, 2012

Going AFK?

Its all go... :D

Here I am, sitting in what can only be considered as the Trade District in our 'Activity Hotel', watching the world go by. The corner in which I've secreted myself over the last five days to post is designated as the 'Wifi' Zone, and its been filled with a fairly impressive selection of portable technology since my arrival. It is proof, if it were needed, that computing whilst on holiday has become part of the landscape. Its also very much at the whim of the weather, hence the signal strength's been pretty ropey since the bad weather started yesterday.

This does not deter my fellow technonauts however, who are spending a huge amount of time checking their e-mail, Tweeting (which seems very popular) and playing Fruit Ninja (I've tried, I don't move nearly fast enough.) Facebook is worryingly popular amongst the teens, and at least one kid left at home is likely to be busted by his parents when they leave here at the weekend, thanks to the picture of their front room he posted in innocence: I pretended not to listen to that argument as it ensued.

I think I do a pretty decent poker face.

It makes me think about how much distraction is available when playing any game, and some of the more notable AFK moments I've experienced in Azeroth over the years. By far the most notorious string came from one of our youngest Guild members, who was famous for interjecting during raids with 'AFK gotta walk the dog.' This was fine during the summer... except when the weather was like this. I can also remember spending a couple of hours getting a group together to kill the 40 man boss that would spawn in Silithus back in Vanilla after completing all the quests in the zone, only to have both tanks go AFK within 30 seconds of each other just as everyone else was ready. Some days, it was never going to happen, and this is why I remind myself that 40 man raids were such a bad idea...

My favourite one however was in my earliest days of playing, with the guy who was GM of my Guild before he left and handed the reins over to me. It was also my first time in Gnomeregan at L30-summat where the GM took me and three others with an officer into the zone, and to the Troggs-breaking-through-the-walls-so-you-have-to blow-up-them-with-explosives mini event... and promptly went afk 15 seconds after starting it. I still remember four of us coming close on multiple occasions to wiping, learning a great deal about both my pet and my survivability, and coming to the conclusion that whenever I choose to start an automated event it is always a plan to make sure all five people involved are actually at their machine.

If you want to update Facebook, remember to do it when you're not playing, and not during... ^^


Navimie said...

LOL well, well, at least you are out there tweeting like the rest of these techno heads :D

Rioriel said...

I admit, I panicked slightly when I saw the headline in my feed reader. *clings slightly*

Erinys said...

I had to take Fruit Ninja off my phone for two reasons, 1. my husband was better at it than me and 2. reason 1 made me spend far too much time playing it to improve.

Back in vanilla, my Priest used to hang out in contested zones with /afk over her head and my husband's druid stealthed just behind her. Sometimes we'd bring some of our guild's rogues too. The number of nasty mean would-be gankers was amazing :D

Must have got at least 700 hks that way until the server wised up. Happy days.