Saturday, June 02, 2012

[BETA] I See What You Did There...

MMO posted a list of mounts yesterday that are not currently showing as operating cross-account. I had a brief discussion about this via Twitter yesterday but I didn't grasp the true significance of the list until I read Mr Big Bear Blogger's post about an hour ago.


I totally get why the list exists, and why on it is EVERY MULTI-PASSENGER MOUNT. The exception of course is the Recruit a Friend Touring Rocket, which I'm now even more glad I grabbed before the offer was removed. It also gives the biggest indicator (assuming this list is definitive) that Blizzard are serious about addressing the gold issues in the economy that do exist right now.

It doesn't make the consequences hurt any less, mind.

It also confers upon any 'main' who holds a selection of the multi-person mounts an affirmation of status that was lacking when the account-wide scenario was introduced. You'll know once again who had all the work (and the cash) spent on them. Alts will, as it was before, go back to having 'secondary' status, without the need to even compare achievements.

However sad it makes me, I don't see Blizzard going back on this arrangement either.

For engineers, this preserves their market integrity with the bikes. You will still have people wanting to buy and sell them come Pandaria, and any other mounts you may (or indeed other classes may) yet get the opportunity to create. The Cloud Serpents are part of a complex and rep-based quest chain, so I also grasp the significance of limiting their use. The 'gold sink' Yak and Panthers remain a surefire method to remove large globs of gold from people's bank accounts, and on reflection it really isn't a surprise that this has happened.

For me, one of the great (potential) benefits of the sharing would have been the 'older' mounts with vendors, especially when farming. Fortunately with cross-account sharing everyone will get the benefit of a Guild Page or Guild Herald for limited selling, but it will mean a fairly serious crimp in my plans if I want to farm across two accounts, especially with the changes to Have Group, Will Travel.

The more I think about this, the more I think its a great move to penalise those people who already have enough gold than they know what to do with. However, it won't stop Stormwind filling with Yaks as soon as people can open up the path to purchase them.

It also means, like it or not, I still have a primary character to collect with. I'm wondering what else she'll need to be focussing on come Pandaria that's not yet apparent from the Beta... ^^

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Cain said...

Yeah, I wasn't very pleased when I read that either. If there are mounts not account wide you'll still be having to choose one character over another which they said they didn't want you to do.