Tuesday, June 19, 2012


7000g and all I got was this lousy mammoth. Strolling Giant is zone's own.

I'm still failing on my Faffing Circuit of (Increasing) Disappointment. I've almost obtained enough Seals to get another Tournament Mount. The sale of the last round of gubbins from last night's disappointing Utgarde Pinnacle sprint tipped me over the 7k mark so it was time to go spend it all on another largely useless three person transport.

Can you tell this whole thing may be beginning to grind me down?

I think I may suck it in and do a couple of days of intense Archaeology in the incredibly slim hope that I'll spawn the mount. I can pretend I'm prepping for Pandaria and not solve any other race things so I can stack 200 of each fragments in anticipation... :D

Needless to say, this one felt VERY much like it was part of a grind :(


Nathan Zweers said...

Gratz on the lighter purse! :P

P, somehow the italic text underneath the pictures in not only this but all posts, is close to not readable. For instance I'm seeing Strdling Gant instead of Strolling Gart. Maybe you could look into that. :-)

Eva said...

Might be 7000g but I LOVE that mount. I've got friends with it and seethe with envy every time they use it!

The Godmother said...

@Eva: Blimey! Again, thank you for reminding em that what is mundane to one person can be something very special to another :D

WTB [More Reminders How Big This World Is]

Jonathan said...

I put off buying that mount until a few weeks ago, and only bought it when I did as I had built up 7k gold from the AH. :-)

Gen said...

Grats on mount!

I wonder if this one will be an account wide mount in MOP ?!

AllieCat said...

Noob question - why would you/me need to stack 200 of each fragment for Pandaria? I think I'm missing something... :)

arcanewordsmith said...

I may or may not pick up that mount one day. Tumunzahar has both the White and Black Woolies already. Perhaps on one of my Horde characters.

Then again, the "Voltron" cats from Mists look awesome and will probably cost me significantly more (as my Jewelcrafter won't be able to work on the rep that is no doubt needed).

The Godmother said...

@Allie: Archaeology is going to undergo some major changes come Pandaria, including the ability for you to 'crate' older fragments from the main races to hand into the Pandarians. I think therefore stacking the maximum number of fragments in anticipation would be a Good Idea (TM)

The Godmother said...

There's more mounts appearing in the next beta patch I see. I KNOW I'm not going to have enough money... ^^