Tuesday, May 29, 2012

When One is Not Enough...

WTB [AOE Looting], PST

I may have been farming for cats in Hillsbrad. Just saying :D

I'm also the only person online in my Guild :(

Really, really REALLY could do with some Expansion release news soon :/


imageheavy said...

Ohmylands that's a lot of bodies.

And they HAVE to set a release date soon ... I'm tired of being all alone as well. :(

Jonathan said...

The perfect storm of summer just getting going, a new Blizzard game just released and WoW being in the last stages of this expansion.

The release date will, of course, come when it's ready (TM).

Pentha said...

I feel your pain, that was me for a while.

Rioriel said...

Hahaha oh my. Screenshot of the month!