Thursday, May 31, 2012

Welcome to the Jungle.

I killed 1000 horses in Hillsbrad in an attempt to help my mate find a SODDING CAT. He's dispatched about 12000 of the beasts so far without even a sniff of kitty. Last night I decided I'd go try somewhere else for his pet collection: it transpires the Razzashi Hatchling really wasn't taken out of the game when they shut 20 man ZG down, and it has a chance to drop from any mob in Stranglethorn.

I have a particular fondness for STV.

Booty Bay, before the Cataclysm.

I can remember with a worringly-distinct clarity the first time I found myself there, back in Vanilla. I was in my mid 20's, having handed in a quest in Duskwood, and I took a wrong turn from the group of watchers at the little camp to the south. Suddenly I was at Nessingwary's Expedition and utterly lost, and not a little afraid. In the end I swam up river, got to the coast, and hid in the water all the way back to Westfall. I remember the joy at finding all the 'kill X beast' quests when I finally made it there in my 30's (and the utter horror at the original Green Hills of Stranglethorn quest which I refused to complete until I was forced to for Loremaster)

For a low-level skinner, the zone remains a winner.

At max level however, it is hugely frustrating, especially when I've been spoilt of late by eight mob multispawns. Last night I went north to south, killing anything with a pulse and a hide but was still unable to pile up as much leather as I managed in an hour in Hillsbrad. I turned therefore to humanoids, and there are a great many groups that have been updated for Cataclysm that benefit from an almost near-instant respawn timer. The Bloodsails were a constant source of availability (and Volatile Rum) so I have a fair bit of cloth to recycle this morning as a result.

If you're selling either the Black Tabby or the Razzashi Hatchling for anything less than 25k on your server you're doing yourself out of pocket right now: item colour is irrelevant. I'd like to see these guys get Legendary status when Pet Battles go active because, frankly, they deserve it simply for availability (or complete lack thereof). Believe me when I say nearly 15,000 horses decry the true drop rate.

A lot of pirates are going to meet a grizzly end this week, that's for sure...


Bob Flintston said...

Sorry to hear about your pain. I found it by accident killing trolls whilst skilling up archaeology in STV. I had no idea it still existed.

Navimie said...

Oh my. You are one dedicated slaughtered....