Friday, May 11, 2012

A Wager of Sorts... :D

I may have done something rather stupid.

When I pinned my colours to the flag on my ideas for the MoP release date, I (rather foolishly) made a bet on Twitter with my video making mate @wowmartiean. He's let me have July 24th as my potential P-Day whilst he's taken... well the other 364 days ^^. Trouble is, we have (as yet) no forfeit. He's asked me to suggest potential penalties for losing said bet, and I'm keen to find something that isn't demeaning, dangerous or that involves nudity... because, well... just NO.

I have three potential suggestions therefore, and I thought I'd throw them at you guys in an attempt to gauge your thoughts on their suitability.

Option One: Loser must obtain a t-shirt for Winner to proudly wear, proclaiming the following:

This Loss is
merely a Setback!

Loser must then wear said shirt and post photograph on the Internets, where mild derision will follow.

Option Two: Loser is forced to post a video where they proclaim the following:

They had a bet and they lost.
The Winner is clearly a better judge of Blizzard's intentions than the Loser.
The Loser will then take their Warcraft main and make them Yell this
fact in the Capitol City of their home server, record said fact and post the
resulting video on their website.

Option Three: Winner and Loser do a live Twitter conversation where we do pretty much the same as Option Two, but WITH MORE CAPITAL LETTERS.

I'm putting this here for @wowmartiean to see and digest: when we have a mutually agreeable arrangement in place I'll stick the details onto the Twitter Hashtag Competition page.



TheGrumpyElf said...

I say that it should be the loser has to go to the opposing factions main city and run around yelling the "panda's are coming the panda's are coming" for 15 minutes while they film it, all in gory detail with all deaths and run backs as quick as possible.

You can do so naked, or in the transmog outfit of your choice or even your normal armor.

That would be much funnier in my opinion and something we could all enjoy as well. ;)

Erinys said...

I agree completely with the gentleman above me.

The Godmother said...

...and there was I trying to avoid demeaning :p

TheGrumpyElf said...

If you are both wrong do you both have to do it?

Tome of the Ancient said...

I vote for the panda's are coming video ... twice even!

Jonathan said...

I vote for a slight variation on option 2: the loser should walk (not run, not fly, not ride) around all of their capital city, saying in /s every 30 seconds "I made a bet about the Mists of Pandaria release date, and I lost. I am wildly optimistic/pessimistic* about how long it takes to release computer games".

*delete where applicable.

And then do the same in the Pandaren starting zone. And then post a video of both.

And if the release date is any later than 21 September, you should BOTH do this.

I also vote against unnecessary apostrophes in the word 'pandas' in these comments. :-)

Navimie said...

I find the Grumpyelf's one penalty highly amusing :)

WoWMartiean said...

Actually the bet was that she had ALL of July, and I get any other month it might get released. So there is no way for one of us to be wrong.

The Godmother said...

Nah, I had considered the bet as that one day, and one day only. This does therefor put you at a distinct advantage, but this may yet mean giving me some leverage on the eventual forfeit... :P