Monday, May 14, 2012

So there's No Doubt...

My desktop, five minutes ago... :D

So we're clear, I am ready for Diablo 3.

The installer sparked into life at 4pm UK time and I've installed the game, gotten goosebumps over the amended Tristram guitar theme and watched a very impressive opening cinematic. I have also been reminded just how well Blizzard do this stuff: you get a bit jaded after a while with the quality of product we get from Warcraft, and it is easy to forget that these guys can put on one Hell of a show (pun intended!)

I'm also coming to D3 completely spoiler free. I am really rather excited.

If anyone wonders where I am, the chances are I'm playing another Blizzard game this week... :D

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dobablo said...

I was planning to play Tuesday evening. At 10pm last night it struck me that Tuesday 00:00 CET was only 1 hour away. I got very excited about playing then crawled off to bed. I nearly pulled an all-nighter, but then realised that it will still be there when I get home from work, sleep is good and, unlike WoW, there is nothing to be gained by rushing through episode 1 before the huge crowd start swarming the zone and stealing your mobs.