Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Going Now...?

No, it's not what you think it is.

We interrupt our regularly-scheduled dross for a special message.

One of my dearest friends is shortly to depart these shores for Canada. He's a jammy git, let's face it. He's also the only person I know who has his own Wikipedia entry, so I'm fairly confident he'll cope. I'd normally not mention this kind of thing to you guys, but this particular individual deserves a special post all of his own.

You see, we first met in Warcraft. He was picked up by our old GM, wandering aimlessly around Stranglethorn on a Paladin I don't think has ever been levelled sensibly since. His main is a Druid, a tank and dps of such skill he could fall asleep on his keyboard and still look as if he was doing a half-decent job. This is the guy who'd spend hours grinding elementals in Badlands to make Nature Resist potions so the Guild could finally complete our first instance, AQ20, without outside help. His humour has been a source of many face-achingly beautiful evenings and his 'glass-isn't-just-half-empty-its-also-cracked and full of mould' attitude will be very VERY sadly missed as we go into Pandaria. Everyone needs someone who tells jokes that badly, and so brilliantly.

He's also kept me sane during Guild Drama more times than I care to remember and as a result I will miss him terribly.

He is testament to just what can be achieved when you stick a bunch of people like him together to clear content. His ability to problem solve is legendary, but more than that he is an absolutely superlative team player. One of him is worth two groups of LFR time-wasters, and then some. I'd never get bored of running his alts through low-level dungeons because he is such a joy to talk to, and when I finally got to meet him in person it was as if I'd known him for years.

Now I have, I am happy to see him leave to fully fulfil what I know is a sizeable potential. The fact I have inspired him to start writing again is perhaps the greatest compliment anyone has ever paid me.

You guys all know someone like him. He's the surprise, the person who made you realise that Warcraft was something really rather special in terms of MMOs. It didn't matter you were miles apart, there was an instant connection, and it made a friendship that you'll consider one of the overriding legacies of your time in game.That friendship will last after the game is gone, when its another time and a different MMO, and you'll know that person will be there for you, ready to take the challenges with you and to enjoy it in their own unique way.

Therefore I say goodbye to him as he leaves on the start of a new journey, but I do so with Pete and Dud, an understanding that change is a good thing, and without letting go of his coat. He may try and get it, but I won't let him have it.

I'll hand it back to him in person the next time we meet.


Sarolian said...

Good Luck, mate!!

And we'll hold on tight to that coat! :P

arcanewordsmith said...

Sounds like someone we're proud to have within our borders. :D