Wednesday, May 02, 2012

[BETA] Well, I'm Happy :D

Pets are now tameable for Hunters in Beta. Guess what I did first?

So what if it's not ready, release this expansion NOW Blizzard :D

I haz Crane :D (it's based on the tallstrider model, in case you didn't realise) Next up, working out which pets get tossed from my stable to accommodate THE ENTIRE CRANE FAMILY... :D


Jonathan said...

Will you be naming it Frasier? :-)

The Godmother said...

Nope :D It's Pink, that means Niles :p

Ellie said...

Looks more of a Marty to me... ;p

The Godmother said...

...or indeed a Daphne, if we are going to be technical :D