Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Pandaren Preparation Programme :: Part Seven

Part Seven :: In Conclusion...

No Guide is ever totally comprehensive. What I've tried to accomplish over the last week is a simple and easily-understandable plan of action, based on the fact this will be the Fourth Expansion I've personally prepared for. As in most things, you'll be surprised how much easier your life can be if you spend a bit of time doing stuff beforehand.

There are two final pieces of advice I would like to impart, and I think they're probably more important than anything else I have suggested thus far:


Frankly, I have a great time faffing, pottering, bimbling... call it what you like, but I get as much enjoyment from this side of the game as I do from Raiding, or 5 Mans, or anything else. I know some people don't, and if you are one of those, then really this Guide will have nothing for you. The key to doing anything successfully (at least in my eyes) is having some fun along the way: there's a World of other opinions out there, the Internets are full of intelligent and helpful people who also have tons of great advice to take on board. Find what suits you best, and make sure you enjoy yourself in the process!


This is not a job, whatever some people might say to the contrary. You shouldn't feel obliged to prepare, it should not be a chore. When it is, it's time to go do something else.

Thank you for reading folks, and I hope it has been an enjoyable experience. If you'll excuse me, I'm off to start levelling a Miner/Herbalist while I keep working on clearing those other pesky alts... :D


Khizzara said...

Awesome guides, thanks for putting this together. I've been thinking about this topic myself, but had yet to sit down and make a plan of action for MoP. Now I can just steal your plan and customize it for myself!

Bring on the Pandas! :D

Aralosseien said...

Good luck levelling those professions! Getting ready is daunting but exciting :D

The Godmother said...

Thanks Khizz, it's good to know that people appreciate what I worked on :D

Mabaho said...

I wondered if you had considered putting this subject up as a shared topic in Blog Azeroth?

The Godmother said...

@Mabaho : I am not familiar with Blog Azeroth, I'll go take a look over there at the weekend and see what one does to instigate such things :D