Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Bucket List Redux.

In the end, not as painful as anticipated...

Priest is now 85 :D

Things I discovered whilst doing this can be bullet-pointed as follows:

  • I take my hat off to anyone playing Shadow currently. It's at least slightly easier than wrestling with a Lock, but only because the CD's are shorter.
  • I still enjoy healing as Holy. Whether I still say that after a week of LFR, well...

This does mean however that I am on target for my short term goal of ensuring I'm free for the GW2 beta weekend upcoming (coz I do want to give it a go) and that everyone I want at 85 is there before D3 drops on May 15th, so I can give that a proper look. I had considered doing the the Stress Test this weekend but I'm saving myself. I hear many good things and am looking forward to coming to the entire experience cold.

However, I digress. Hunter is half a level from 82, which I intend to knock off this morning using LFR, and the Pally is next on my list after her. This is possibly the easiest pre-Expansion faff I've had, if only for the fact I have a decent idea of what is coming and how I should plan for it accordingly...

Last night we went and blitzed 10 Man Ulduar Heroic, grabbing a bunch of people nearly everything for the Mounts (need to go do some Iron Dwarves on reset for the last part) and Starcaller to boot. I lost count of the number of times we ran Ignis in the hope the gun would drop, and the only time it ever did I wasn't there and my dashing Dwarven Hunter colleague snaffled it. Tonight therefore was rather special... :D

The best steam-powered gun in game. OFFICIAL.

I also have Deliverance in the Mog Bank for future use, plus four achievements I missed when I did this last time, so frankly it was an evening very well spent. Now all I need is Subtraction in 25 man mode... ^^

Next up, after that half a level on Hunter #4, time to sit down with pencil and paper and work out exactly who needs what finished in terms of reputation and shizzle once the 85 work is done...


Navimie said...

Grats Godmother!

arcanewordsmith said...

Nicely done.

Holy's not a pain to level. Holy's a lifetime of suffering if you don't dungeon heal.