Monday, March 12, 2012

Do You Realise?

Eidotrope has left the building. No, that's NOT Euripides, for all you people who don't know the difference, but I do. Ironic as yesterday the Nuclear Gnome was lamenting those who are no longer with us. Whenever I have a moment like this I am reminded of the above Flaming Lips song. The things that are obvious, that you try not to consider yet haunt our every moment, always fill my mind when we lose someone from the Blogsphere.  Everyone who starts a Blog will end one. Many of them will be missed because, quite frankly, they just told it the way it was. This will be the case with Eidotrope.

I occasionally find myself trying to imagine the day when I won't have anything left I want to share with anyone else on this game, and (like certain other Old Timers around these parts) I can see myself being one of the last ones on my EU Server to leave. They'll have to kick me out, frankly, because even on the days where the Game isn't something I want to do, it's still there, somewhere out of my eyeline, influencing how I look at the Gaming World. I entirely understand why some people need to walk away, it's not me being all 'you can't stop loving this because I WON'T' either. Life is all about finding a balance in everything you have, to understand that everything is important, including the mundane. There is also nothing worse than having to do something you no longer enjoy out of a sense of obligation, and when you reach that point it really is time to move on.

I approve of Gnomeygeddon's plan on his site to keep 'dead' links from sites no longer being updated as place holders, for content that influenced people on their journeys, because it's not just about advice that's current. THAT post from last week, the one about the Scroll of Resurrection, that's my most hit page ever... only that way because it's current news. A year from now it's history, a story from the Cataclysm expansion, and tells you nothing about this Blog or the person writing it. Like it or not a part of yourself is revealed over time, however impartial or professional you might be about your writing. That's the part that I'm going to miss most about Eidotrope. It's not just about knowing your onions, it's how you show them to everyone else that matters just as much, for me probably more so. Understanding your own context is an important lesson to learn as a Blogger.

Needless to say, as each old person leaves, another comes along to take their place. For those that are left behind, we stand and take a moment to remember all those that have moved on and those who will come, and are reminded that our legacy is clear: write honestly, write passionately and write often, because the moment is gone forever unless you wrap it in words and stick it 'out here'.

Don't ever think no-one wants to hear what you say. Don't be surprised if, when you leave, people you've never met will miss you. That is your finest legacy of all.

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