Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Day Before Monks Came.

The following should be sung to the above top quality tune (either Blancmange or ABBA will do, your choice)


I must have logged my toon at eight, because I always do,
My mail, mog items, sold last night and so much gold was due.
I must have read my Twitter feed whilst LFR came round,
And having seen the woeful Morchok dps, no doubt I must have frowned.
I must have left the group when the first loot row made me whine,
And logged another alt, instead deciding I would rather mine.
I must have logged for lunch, to read webpages and reviews,
A sandwich made to munch.
And still on top of this my warlock's dps is lame,
The Day before Monks Came.

I must have left my seventh LFG at half past two,
Where all the other DPS were wearing greens, not blues.
I'll have been reading Trade and General sadly through the day,
Without learning anything or really hearing anything they say.
At five it's AH Scan, there's no exception to the rule,
To stitch up all the noobs, to make their Auction Programs look uncool.
It's LFR again, undoubtedly the trash will kill us with it's purple rain
Oh yes Ultraxion's drakes will mean the newbies will be shamed,
The Day before Monks Came.

I must have joined the Guild Mog Run at eight o'clock or so,
And steamed through Blackwing Lair to grab some cloth items to go.
I'm sure I reforged watching players arguing in Green,
What item goes with this? and that the Bank is where you always should be seen.
I must have farmed for mounts, about a quarter after ten,
There's lots I don't yet have, so I like to try for most of them.
I won't have won a thing,
Despite farming for several months, it's cloth or pointless rings.
The RNG it hates me and it's that I'll always blame,
The Day before Monks Came.

And logging for the night,
I must have checked to see the NDA was watertight.
Then wondered how tomorrow's news was going to change the game:
The Day before Monks came...

Roll on 7am tomorrow... :D

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Sarolian said...

Awesome :D

Well done!