Sunday, March 25, 2012

[BETA] In Which I Make a Proper Video.

I thought I'd have a punt at a 'proper' video.

Things I have learnt from this experience include:

  • Need to watch my cursor more.
  • Need to get snappier with editing.
  • Needs more thought generally.

However, for my first genuine effort at this, I reckon it'll do.


Jonathan said...

For a first genuine effort, that's pretty damned good. The transitioning to the music was spot on. Thought that last shot of the blank intertitle card could have done with a 'The End' or summat, to bookend the opening one, but other than that and a few more captions that was nicely done.

Nathan Zweers said...

Nicely done P!! :-)

arcanewordsmith said...

Agreed, it was very nicely done.

For what it's worth, in under three minutes you did more to make the panda race of interest to me than Blizzard has in their entirety thus far.