Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Site and Game Maintenance Advisory

Today, there has been a fair bit of web faffing. Included in this:

  • New logo with updated mogging portraits (details on Mage and Druid mogging will follow once I've sorted out Hunter #2) At some point this logo will become transparent, probably later in the week.
  • New Pet Collection sidebar added, in anticipation of Pokemon.
  • Faffing behind the scenes, especially with family portraits, biographies, and slideshows. Considering doing a video. Emphasis on 'considering' :p

There has also been much faffing online. In no particular order:

  • Lock finished Lunar Festival, and Love is in the Air. She will be the second person to complete What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been... but not for QUITE some time. While we wait, grinding Charms for a mount (sale)
  • Horde Hunter properly set up in Org with bags, gear and grinding pets in anticipation of making a proper go at the Horde Pet Farming thang. Neutral AH mules also in place and functioning well.
  • Banking Druid also (probably) doing some Festival Stuffs. Dungeon achieve off the Elders. If doable this week may also have bash at Fool for Love.

Expect some actual content tomorrow!

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