Friday, November 25, 2011

Because There Is No Time ^^

I did think, at the back of my mind, that I might be taking a wee bit too much on this month, and it has proven that I am aware of my limits. As a result, I won't be doing THAT Beta this weekend (because if I'm brutally honest I'm not that interested right now. There, I said it.) Writing is my big love and my main time sink so I really don't want to put that behind the Gaming. This means, this weekend, apart from the Screenshots I need to deal with it's going to be Real Life and Not Here. Plus, I really do need to deal with some College stuff, plus the Gym and family time.

I hope all of you having a Weekend of Turkey enjoy yourselves, and that those of you buying Cheap Stuffs get what you're looking for. We will return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast on Monday.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I Warned You... ^^

Occasionally someone comes up with an idea for an advert that certain people 'don't get.' This is one of those, I reckon, and a lot of people will simply not grasp how this advert works on about six different levels. It's a cautionary tale, guys. If you give a girl something you like, be ready to stand by that commitment, and be ready to grasp that it's not just your game. It's ours as well :D

We WILL Know...

As previously announced the Raid Finder will use an altered version of Need Before Greed that provides loot roll bonuses to those that have entered the raid in the role (tank, DPS, healing) that uses those items. Unfortunately the system is currently unable to detect spec, and so this creates some issues for classes that utilize stats that are not "common" to that role.

With Mists of Pandaria our expectation is that we will have the ability to detect spec, and so all of these issues go away for future raids.
This (points above) is the shortened version announcing the 4.3 LFR Loot priorities. I will leave far better minds than mine to analyse the issues therein, as I'm not likely to find myself being bothered by them. My mentality on loot in PuG's will remain as it has since I ran my first: don't expect anything at all, if you get summat it's a bonus. What I'm far more concerned about is contained in that last line.

'We will have the ability to detect spec.'

Yes, it is only an expectation but still, this is fairly massive. It probably has a great deal to do with the redesign of Talent Trees to boot, if I think about it. Blizzard will know, there will be NO WAY OUT. If you want to gear for OS, you'll be forced to run the Finder in it. There's a thing, right there. One can also logically assume that if this system is being rolled out for Raids, they'll do the same for 5 Mans and Heroics, which could theoretically be the best thing that's happened to the entire system since they introduced it. The only potential issue that I can see (and I'm wondering if it will be covered) is if someone enters a Raid/5 Man, someone leaves, and an existing member decides to change spec (maybe if a tank leaves and you have a DPS Druid with a Tank OS) If they can make the system do that then frankly we're all golden. This could be the most significant game change we've seen since Dual Specs were introduced. [*]

Then the problem becomes Gear Itemisation. Blizzard know they have a problem to address there anyway, and it starts at L1. If such a fundamental change is being considered, one can only hope that the people doing it are well aware of what stats will bolt onto each role/spec, and gear in future instances will be dealt with accordingly. The only way we know if that works or not is to get the system live.

Is it 4.3 yet? :D

[*] You may disagree. That's what the comments are for :D

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

You Wanna Know?

Choices. I HATE them... except, hang on...

Right then. Mists of Pandaland Hunter Talents, I AM IN YOU.

I'd not really taken that much time to examine how this new system would work previous to the Talent Calculator being announced today. When I arrived at the page the full enormity of how much this process has been nerfed finally sunk in. Six choices, from eighteen possibles. Bloody Hell.

Knowing how much I currently rely on Silencing Shot for soloing, the L45 choice was the easiest and the first to be made. After that... I was frankly a bit lost. I picked Frozen Arrows at 15 though I am suspecting for dps it'll be Venom-Tipped Arrows. At 45 it'll probably depend on the type of encounter but Exhilaration's looking like a decent bet for survivability (and to help your healers) which is also the case with Spirit Bond at 60. However I've taken Aspect of the Iron Hawk for soloing (again), where dps will not be the overriding issue.

The 75 Talent choices made me stop and think, and to realise just how much theorycrafting's going to have to go on when the Beta hits. Here we have three ways of regaining focus/resetting CD's: which one's gonna be the optimal dps boost for the spec? Fervour has a 2 minute CD, Thrill of the Hunt is a 15% base chance, and although I've picked that as my first choice I find myself thinking that Readiness, my current MM staple might yet be the best of the three, even if you only get it every three minutes. Part of me likes not to have to rely on percentages: it's the OCD in me ^^

Of course, once we get to 90 the wheels come off the Talents it's Crazy Time! (and this is where they'll stick Stampede I assume?). No CD on your Freezing Trap: so what if you only trap one person at a time? I recall the fabulous brief period when I could trap two mobs in dungeons on successive FT CD's:  this is ALMOST as good. Black Ice's got 'PvP pwnage' written all over it (am gonna have to see how it works in context) whilst Transmorph Trap present a very nice twist on Hunter CC. I pick that ahead of  Black Ice for now... ^^

Looking at the 'standard' set of Marks Talents I'll get without having to throw points at them, I see Careful Aim remains, and that I'll get Concussive Barrage 'as standard' at 30 (so that's a third daze ability if you include Scatter Shot \o/) In fact, looking at the list, all the Good Stuff (TM) appears to have remained untouched. There I was thinking that I'd be learning stuff from scratch AGAIN when this all looks rather too familiar...

Suddenly I find myself rather looking forward to playing this game in Beta :D

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This Week, I Will be Mostly...

Best fight in game? Quite possibly... ^^

  • Not being here in the daytime, if I'm honest.  Am really enjoying ploughing through NaNoWriMo (35k plus, still going strong)  but I am gradually getting behind on my college work and I'm going to need to dedicate a couple of days to getting myself back up to date. Something therefore has to give, and as there will be a fair deal of interest in Azeroth next week I think this is the time for a step back. I'm still reading though, coz a girl's gotta procrastinate :D

  • Doing Archy on a second alt. OH THE HORROR.

  • Grinding in one hour bursts. It's a pretty profitable exercise thus far.

  • Reminding myself via the medium of the Internet that it's nearly a month until Christmas, and I might actually need to do something about that...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

And Now, a Word from our Sponsors...

/is glad to be in a Chuck Norris approved venture.

/walks away, VERY slowly... ^^

My First PROPER Five Man!

I have vague memories of doing my first instance in Uldaman, VERY late one night. Needless to say it was long, difficult and ultimately frustrating. The same is true for Maraudon, which I remember taking several nights. Blimey, a couple of days to finish a five man ^^ However, the first instance I remember with anything approaching fun and/or enjoyment was Dire Maul, which I went in shortly after it was introduced.

The Maul, viewed from the air...

There was a Priest in our Guild, back in the day, who gave me a piece of advice I still recount today: mana users die first :D She took myself and my husband into Dire Maul East, which we did in a morning. A MORNING! This was a revelation to me, and it meant that DM became my favourite spot for farming. I still remember my utter joy when I finally completed a Tribute Run without having to kill a guard.

The Maul, with it's resident Ogre population.

I'm spending a lot of time back in the Tribute Run of late, as it's by far the best place to farm rugged leather (I used to run UBRS but there's a bit too much Dragonscale for it to be truly profitable right now, so the Gordok Mastiffs are a great alternative source of skins.)

Inside Dire Maul North, or the Gordok Commons.
There are many dogs here. Ogres, too ^^

Ferelas is still a largely neglected zone, even after the remodelling. It's a fabulous place to quest in and remains my favourite zone on Kalimdor by quite some way. It has everything, and if you've not paid it a visit lately you really should.

You can never go wrong with a Green Zone ^^