Friday, August 19, 2011

4.3 : It's not Just a PvP Thread...

You're still obsessed with the Transmogrify, face it, and now we know you'll be dropping 1000g even to open your Void Storage (ah the joys of owning multiple alts :/) it's again time to remind you that's not all we have to look forward to. If, like me, you enjoy the occasional PvP adventure it should come as some interest to you that Blizzard CM Zarhym  opened a thread on the US Forums last night with the following:

My name is Zarhym. Hi there.

I know many of you have been feeling neglected as of late and have several concerns with the current state of PvP. To that end, I've punched those who would generally assign me with tasks, kicked them while they were down and shouted, "I'm going to take some friggin' time to talk to the PvP community! Go away! (But please don't let the injuries you've just suffered reflect on my next performance review.)"

So, my schedule's open for a bit. What's up?

Needless to say, the current replies make very interesting reading.  There's going to be a look at low level PvP (which will make my 10 year old happy, as his life mostly revolves around sub L30 BG's), there's an assertion that you will be able to use PvP gear to transmogrify (so that's my gear set for the Hunter sorted with pretty much no effort involved, result!)  and the chance we may see a LFG system for Rated BG's, which for me would pretty much tick every PvP button I still have waiting. However the biggest issue for me is the state of World PvP, which has pretty much ceased to exist on our PvE server thanks to the focus on people 'living' in one Alliance/Horde town rather than across the World as was previously the case. A /who ironforge last week had four of us there at 11pm. /sadface. Needless to say, this has not gone unnoticed:

All I can say for now is that we've driven people to SW/Org in this expansion too much and that's not cool. We want to fix that in the next go.

I'm hoping that is the case and that every city will be given a makeover. I mean, giving people a reason to go to Exodar apart from Seasonal Quests has to be a good thing. Right? ^^

I doubt Blizzard is ever going to fix PvP so everyone is happy (if you really want to know what some people think is broken this thread is a must-read but be warned it's very VERY long, but covers a lot of the more specialist issues) but it is clear that feedback is playing a major part now in Blizzard's game development strategy. People have, it must be said, been asking for vanity storage for some time (and even though it's not going to be cheap I will be able to free up an inordinate amount of bank space once 4.3 hits and considering my situation that's never going to be a bad thing) and the fact that Blizzard is now making serious moves to deal with such player issues is only a good thing.

The next question then becomes: what else is flawed in the game right now and could use addressing?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

4.3 :: Either Ore!

Yes, I'm still here but am 'between travels' right now (been away for a week, have a trip to the in-laws upcoming) so transmission is sporadic at best. However I have appeared as the 4.3 news has to speculate on what we REALLY need to know about what could be the final major content patch of Cataclysm.

We're talking shinies here. Moolah. Wonga. CASH!

The biggest question I have, with my money-making hat on, is what's gonna happen to ores in 4.3: more specifically, whether Pyrite Ore is going to become prospectable. This is then closely followed by the 'are we getting Epic gems?' question that's inextricably tied up with that development and we're into an entire slew of possibilities. Yes, I KNOW you're all being distracted by customisable armour and Raid LFG and Darkmoon Faire Island (Alcaz, I'm looking at YOU) but from a crafting point of view if 4.3 really is the Endgame then there are far more important issues to consider:

  • Blue gems will become convertible to Epic gems (presumably) in the same way we can convert Green gems to Blue ones currently. Look at all those stupidly cheap blue quality uncut gems on your AH (all except the Inferno Rubies, let's be honest) Go on ^^

  • There's a bazillion Epic recipes gonna show up at your JC trainer. Have you been neglecting your dailies? Shame on you!

  • If we do get an Epic Conversion recipe for gems, historically that's going to mean we'll need an extra summat to use in the transmute... a Chaos Orb, perhaps? Hmm, but they're soulbound right now...

There's my other burning Crafting question... we saw Frozen Orbs leave their soulbound status when Icecrown appeared in Wrath, can we expect the same to happen when 4.3 drops? Is it time to start stockpiling them in anticipation? Considering the current demand for them with Firelands gear can we expect to see a rapid price rise on the orb crafting front if this change is announced?

There's a lot of very cheap ore on my server right now and I'm sitting on some extra cash. The speculator in me is wondering, is it worth taking some chances looking at the historical data for Blizzards crafting decisions, because if this does all pan out there is a LOT of money to be made...

Let's hope we have some datamined answers up soon!

PS: PLEASE let me store Tabards in Void Storage. That is all :D