Thursday, July 07, 2011

He is Legendary!

We give it up to the Wonder Pally, who has been farming for A Certain Weapon pretty much weekly since the arrival of The Burning Crusade. Tonight he finally had his second set of Bindings drop from Garr in Molten Core and without any further ado he was off to Silithus with quest items in hand to claim his prize.

It's an old Elemental Lord. Be afraid!

A very long time ago, before TBC, I remember someone claiming this blade. Back then it took forty people to wrest the item from the guy's dead hands, of course, and it was an event large enough to pull people across the entire World to see. Tonight it was the two of us and a boss with about 300,000 HP which took all of about 30 seconds. Despite all that it's still an Epic fight. I also wonder how many quests (apart from this chain) reward you with a Legendary that starts a quest:

Orange Quest Text in this context just makes me think 'Hell YEAH!', and I can only imagine what this must have been like to collect properly back in the day. Frankly this evening it couldn't have gone to a greater or more deserving bloke, plus it awards our Guild 20 points and our first Legendary of what (I hope) will be many as people still revisit the old content. With the new Caster Staff in 4.2 who knows, maybe we will get lucky with someone completing that as well.

After all, there's something about an Orange item that just says 'AWESOME!'

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Think of the Bosses!

Was on early enough this morning to see Tol Barad in Alliance hands. It would have been rude not to go see the new guy as a result except... he wasn't there, at least on my server. The room was empty, but the big ol' Hound'o'Doom was noticeable in his absence. As the PvP Vendors are also missing I'd suspect some timer hasn't activated on our cluster but that was small compensation to the rest of the 10 man group I went into TB with. I thought I'd better let a GM know about the problem as well, and they were pretty fast in their response (less than 30 minutes) catching P in the Firelands on her Dailies.

I think the screenshot should pretty much speak for itself.

More people should think about the bosses ^^

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Best Application EVER

Being a GM is often a thankless task, and with the introduction of the LFGuild tool it can be rather soul destroying looking at just how awful some of these applications can be. However we have managed to recruit a blinding Shaman via this process thus far so I refuse to lose heart and will keep looking at anyone who decides to apply this way. Needless to say yesterday my husband poked me and told me that I really needed to check the Recruitment tag. It is the last one in this list of potentials that caught my eye:

Five words say a great deal, you know... ^^

Needless to say my son's Worgen Rogue has a better-than-average chance of getting in, despite the fact he's a long way below the Over 18 requirement we set for everyone else. Many older applicants could learn a great deal from his style... ^^