Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Because It's TRUE...

If you didn't know already, Hunters are awesum. This video only serves to re-reinforce an immutable truth.

PS: Blizzard, please allow hunter pets to ride in Engineer Choppers. Bike sales would go up 5000%. Thank yaw.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hidden Depths

In Warcraft, with so much of the game data mined, blogged and generally dissected to death, there is very little that remains genuinely mysterious. If you think you've found something unique and clever the chances are at least twelve other people have too and one's got a video of him/her doing it on You Tube.

A couple of months ago, when my Rogue was levelling, I made great use of my Dimensional Ripper: Northrend for quick transport. One late night I used it and swore I saw an extra destination under the list of normal ones, but thought nothing of it and ported to the Storm Peaks regardless. It was only several weeks later when overhearing a conversation with a Guildie and my Pally Husband that I realised the significance of what I'd seen. It wasn't a mistake, it was deliberate. There was a new location that I could go to.


Wonder who she upset for this gig...

It appears that Kaye's been available for travellers to discover since Patch 3.2, but it was a glorious discovery for me. Frantic research followed where it transpires that Kaye has the three rarest engineered pet recipes for sale but only in limited stock. Once you arrive at what is the bottom of a sewer in Dalaran there is no way out other than a Hearthstone (or your Wormhole generator) and no indicator of if (or when) Kaye's stock may replenish. Commenters on Wowhead suggest that if you're prepared to stay logged in and wait then the recipes can restock, but that's not something everyone has the luxury of doing. Needless to say I'd been using the Roipper daily for weeks in the hope that I'd get lucky and at the weekend I did. I also managed to arrive at the vendor when she was fully stocked:

It's wonderful to know when you THINK there's nothing left in a Game to surprise you, something like this pops up to prove otherwise. Needless to say I will continue to use the Ripper even though I have my recipes, as I'm thinking those three would sell pretty well on the AH...

Monday, June 20, 2011

As Easy As it Looks?

I've read countless blog and journal posts over the years on the difficult subject of  'When Should I Open My Mouth...?' in Pick Up Groups. It's a HUGE viper's nest: is it worth trying to get five random people to communicate with each other and more importantly is there any point at all in suggesting to people who have no idea who you are that, if something goes wrong, there could be another way?

I did a Zul'Gurub today with a pretty decent group. We had no wipes up until the Archaeology Boss (which happened because the warrior tank had never seen him) and then we swapped a shaman for a Death Knight who freely admitted he'd never been in the Instance before. It only became clear when we reached the last boss that the Druid Cat  was also there as a first timer and therefore the pretty-complex mechanic of the boss/chains/ghosts needed more than ten seconds of explanation. The problem came then with the Warrior Tank who was clearly in a hurry and expected everyone to simply fall in and kill the 'Boss' with only the most basic of understanding. I decided at this point I'd stick my hand up and try to explain that simply removing all three shields on all the chains before damaging them (which was what the tank had planned) might work with a large output group but wasn't going to happen with the damage we had. Perhaps we could do a chain at a time and the tank could help with occupying the adds..?

The tank was adamant: too much damage, healer will go out of mana, not gonna work. I try to explain as patiently as I can but it appears to me that the tank isn't listening... and so I politely thank the group and decide I'll leave. As I do, the Tank types 'we'll do it your way' and pulls... ^^

I still feel bad about this. I'd tried to help, and deciding that I wasn't thought the best thing to do was to leave the tank to make the decision, because the old fashioned part of my brain still assumes that if you're the person being hit in a 5 man, you deserve to be treated as it's de facto leader. I'll have (justifiably) gotten the blame for that wipe and I suspect for  other things too, but the die had been cast, I'd pressed the button to leave as the Tank pulled. It's my fault, and opening my mouth in the end was probably the worst thing I could have done.

For those of us who choose to use the LFG finder, of course, it's 'one of those things' that you simply have to deal with as part of the journey. However there are many people who play alone or in groups where they can often be the only person online at odd times, and for them I suspect it becomes more of a serious issue if your only way to get upgrades and to play the new content is with four other strangers. It is easy to forget that if you play regularly with a competent and accomplished bunch of Guildies how hard some situations can seem if the only way you've ever done them is alone. It's therefore perhaps no wonder therefore that Blizzard are introducing the Encounter Journal in 4.2 next week to give those people with no idea of what to expect a primer.

Then the problem comes with comprehension. You can be told what a boss does but more often than not the only way to understand that data is when you've done the fight. You'll then need four other people who've a) done the same and b) are able to understand at the same time you do. If you get all that then maybe, just maybe, the boss is a one shot and you're wearing an upgrade.

We all know however that it's never that simple.