Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Karma Redux

I used to be a fairly avid card collector, back in the days before I had my kids. By cards I mean Trading Cards, which have taken a fairly significant downturn in popularity over the last decade, not long after I sold pretty much all of my collection to a dealer. There are a few cards left, and now my son is getting into Dr Who he's been giving me the cards he's been getting from a BBC magazine to 'collect' a full set for him. I also, from time to time, like to pick up a box of Warcraft CCG cards after a Guildie gave me a code for one of the in-game Tabards (which I still wear from time to time on P) in the vain hope that I'll get lucky and grab one of the rarer Loot cards. This morning a box arrived of War of the Ancients cards, which I'd picked up cheaply on Ebay. I had my fingers crossed for a Landro's Lichling card...

Wow. Just, wow.

The last thing I expected was the Savage Raptor. My desire to put a Dwarf on a raptor extends from the first time I saw Mandokir's original mount in Old Skool ZG, and it has not diminished since then. To say I am pleased is an understatement of fairly epic proportions and yes, there may have been celebratory dancing.

I do love this game :D

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


... is often a bitch. Not tonight though.

I am flying around the Storm Peaks, hoping that if I concentrate hard enough I can make Vyragosa materialise by sheer force of will. Then I get a whisper from a Guildie herbing in the Twilight Highlands:

 M: Karoma
[FX: Rare Alarm Sound in my head. Panic mode engaged!]
M: Wolf spirit animal
(OMG I need to switch spec NOW argh argh argh I don't have a free pet slot...)
P: Summon
M: You need?

On reflection I should have been more polite, but I was trying to change spec and work out which pet would have to be lost to accommodate the tame. When I got there I also wasn't expecting a hostile mob which momentarily freaked me especially as it attacked the Silithid I'd summoned to dismiss and to make a free spot. However, despite my best efforts to stuff it up, I now have 5/6 of the available Spirit Beasts in game:

If you don't know why I called him Heinz, click here. Thank the Light for Have Group, Will Travel.

I really didn't expect to see ANY of the Cata rare spawns until we hit the next expansion, and I certainly won't go looking for Ghostcrawler. However, there are a couple of rare spawns I sense I may be camping in the not to distant future...

Monday, May 30, 2011

This Week...

... it's Kids on Half Term Holiday, so expect the signal to be intermittent at best.

Having said that, W's made it to 35 Exalted Reps and is 2 days away from #36 with her Winterspring Mount following closely behind. I expect some Warlock faffing this week...

Will try for some actual content later.