Wednesday, May 25, 2011

4.2 Preparation...

It occurred to me, shortly after I found a dead Vyragosa for the second time this week, that I should probably be giving some thought to what's going to happen in 4.2. There's an awful lot of information 'out there' right now and although most of it is still in it's infancy there are some definites I have grasped upon. The main one of interest on the crafting front is the appearance of new bag recipes. There are three thus far that are confirmed:

The first two are of course Leatherworking based and P will be the main focus of Firelands Dailies when the time comes. The Gem Bag however is a Tailoring recipe and K my Mage Tailor is still languishing at 82. This means she'll be pushed to level next so we can take advantage not simply of the gear benefits the new dailies will afford, but so we can get some of these new containers on the AH as soon as humanly possible.

As a result, the last few days have been spent between doing dailies on the Lock (for Therazane shoulder enchants and the Winterspring Mount, which will simultaneously award her the 35 Exalted Reputations ding) and getting the Mage ready for the final push to 85. Add to this a daily poke at the ZG and ZA dungeons when I have the time (lots of tips for winning at a timed run being gathered to boot) and it's been a quiet and largely uneventful week thus far...

Sunday, May 22, 2011


One day, I WILL kill this mob. But not today :(

Back to the rare watch on Monday... ^^