Friday, May 20, 2011

Now THAT'S Camping...

If you're going to flaunt, do it properly...

Say hello to the Boomkin who I've seen every time I've logged into THAT spot in the Storm Peaks for the best part of four days. I've been impressed by her choice of camping mounts, especially this Twilight Drake, because if you're going to hang around in the middle of nowhere with the only chance of contact being with other mount collectors who will immediately be impressed that you won the roll on 25 man, this is probably the one to pick.

Looking at the Druid's activity record she's killed Skoll within the last 48 hours but not Vyra, which means she'll be waiting for the Proto Drake for a while yet (I looked, she had Frostbitten over a year ago ^^)  Sadly I don't have the time to sit by a PC today so she could well get lucky for a second time...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Blizzard announces cross server dungeon system via Real ID as a 'premium' service.

This makes me rather glad that I unsubbed from Real ID at the start of the year. As soon as Blizzard announced mobile Guild Chat it was clear they're looking at ways to 'connect' people, but only at a price. Why should I pay for a Mobile Guild Chat client when I already pay a monthly subscription fee for the game where I can chat anyway?

If this goes live with a fee, I think it'll be the point where I decide that Blizzard's interests have moved away from keeping their player base happy, and has shifted towards milking them for as much cash as possible before the game finally begins it's inevitable decline.

If you want to group with me for a five man, let's just all be on the same server to start with.

Monday, May 16, 2011

AH Staring is Srs Bsns ^^

Prices go down, opportunities for profit go up...

Making gold in game is, depending on who you talk to, either the easiest thing you can do or the hardest. My husband throws around the 'money goes to money' expression from time to time and then stares at me in that way only he can which tells me he's annoyed I have more in the bank than him and he's considering a way to redress the balance. Secretly deep down I think he's misses the Vanilla Grind. This week, on a tip-off from me, he's been spending an inordinate amount of time farming Frostweave. I think his desire for glods will be satisfied as a result, with stacks of said cloth starting at 40g each.

I know this because I spend time looking at the AH. I don't have spreadsheets, I don't crunch data, I simply keep an eye on certain sectors of the market with the idea in the back of my mind that certain things sell well. Knowing this, it's not impossible for the most inexperienced individual to make some money. With guys like Basil around to point you in the right direction there really is no excuse for anyone to complain they can't make cash any more. It then comes down to how you choose do do so. For many transactions (especially the selling of large amounts of raw materials) you don't even need to go near the AH at all to be able to turn a profit.

However, in the weeks leading up to 4.2, the AH is a great place to hang around and soak up the atmosphere. Many items are becoming accessibly cheaper for the first time, and I can see people beginning to speculate with confidence. The vanity pet market is one I'm watching with particular interest as the Firelands patch approaches, and I'm already considering ways to 'cash in' on new recipes, gears for enchants and even raw material prices themselves.

This is a great time to make some money, and I cannot recommend Basil's column on WoW Insider enough. Needless to say I already have a number of pretty solid gold-creation schemes that involve no farming and ony the minimum of AH staring that are already bringing in the coinage...

Hot on the Trail...

This time, he bought it!

I was ready. I made an educated guess as to Loque's spawn timer, and to where he was going to spawn based on the last two spots I knew he had appeared in and bingo, I logged in this morning right on top of him. This time there was no hesitation, and having found Icehorn last night (based again on information on previous spawn kills from other guildies) I am simply looking for Vyragosa to finish the achievement.

Loque is unique in item drop terms. He is doubly valuable because he not only drops a random neck, but when skinned he drops a cloak as well.

Needless to say those two items plus the satchel contents make this spawn one I may actively seek out every so often for the items alone.

I suppose I'd better think about what I'm going to do after this achievement is done... ^^