Friday, April 29, 2011


Well, I'm glad that wedding's over. Shall we go do Heroic Zul'Gurub now, then?

After all, it's where the Lashtail Hatchling questline from Northern Stranglethorn's been wrapped up with the chance for you to grab your pet back (moar matching pet/vanity pet combos are never frowned upon) and there's a chance of That Raptor (Redux) dropping. Whatever happened to the Tiger Mount, by the way?

It's like riding my pet! Not cool enough!

So, instead of the tiger there's a Panther mount that drops in ZG? Oooooooh, Riiiiiiight. Did I expect to win it? Most definitely not? Did I Not watch the roll and instead listen as I hear it drop into my Inventory? Yes! Was I in shock for the best part of an hour afterwards? Yup.

Happiness is when you get something totally unexpected that you really wanted. I officially approve of the new instances...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Digging for Victory!

Apparently some event or other is going on tomorrow. If you want me, I'll be finishing off these two instead:

After these guys, I really should try and make an effort to snag the Crawling Claw or the Tol'vir Mount. You can never have enough mounts, after all... ^^

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Portal 2 News!

Yes, that's a Portal 2 Stormwind.

I thought Blizzard said they'd not put the portals back into Dalaran...? That looks very much like a Portal to me, you know, and it's live as I type. I had to go check for myself too because I didn't believe what my Guildie told me.

I suppose we can chalk this one down to Undocumented Patch Changes...


On logging this morning, it appears I've gained a significant number of Achievement Points. Looking at my total, it seems the work I did pre-Patch has paid some dividends:

The two fishing ones are the most satisfying of those I think (I also have The Limnologist, honest), just because of the amount of work it took. I'd kinda thought I'd done 30 tabards too, and I've already added two pets to my total this morning with the Winterspring Cub and the Panther Cub you get from the STV pre-ZG Questline. Next up, having completed Drown Your Sorrows already (with Guildie help, thanks S!) will be Cataclysmically Delicious, which already looks like it could be problematic...


Yes, the servers are up early, and those snakes in STV are skinnable. Sadly, Blizzard's QC needs some work:

Oooooooookay..... ^^ You meant wily, right? *Sigh*

Oh and I've been online less than an hour with the LFGuild feature active and I already have two requests to join. Both from Druids. Watch this space...

While You Wait...

...for the servers to come up, here's a little summat to make you smile. I know I am!

Oh, and if you didn't quite catch the words, there's a full transcript here!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Driven to Tears

Enough with the Bunny Ears already!

I've taken to sticking the Female Dwarves in inaccessible places until Noblegarden is over, but even perched up in the air I'm not safe from roving Blood Elves. It's always chuffin' Blood Elves. Then to add insult to injury last night a Level 9 Human invited me to a group and then expected me to wait until they'd run from Goldshire to put the bloody ears on. I had but one thing to say in response: Nick off. Next time, whisper and ask politely and I'll happily wait, I'll even /cheer at you when you get your Achievement. Otherwise, it's not gonna happen.

This however is not about my Rogue's tears: last night, that was me. It's been a very long time since the game has reduced me to sobbing and shortly after having to walk away to calm down, but last night it happened.

Being melee in 5 man Heroics has not been a fun experience. The amount of crap that mobs and bosses throw down that needs to be avoided is frankly ridiculous. The amount of movement I needed to do last night meant, for most of the time, my dps wasn't helping anyone. Grim Batol hasn't ever been a favourite instance destination either, if I'm honest, I don't like it as a ranged dps either. Don't get me wrong, I'm not lamenting the mechanics overall, I'm acutely aware that I'm not good enough yet enough to take in everything that happens that I need either to do or avoid AND be a useful source of damage. I'm simply not fast enough that close up to mobs.

The Third Boss in Grim Batol was the eventual straw that broke this Rogue's back. Drahga Shadowburner is being nerfed in 4.1, I notice with some satisfaction, and I can see why but even that wouldn't have helped me last night. Too slow to react to Shredding Swipe and missing at least one spawn of Invocation of Flame that was linked to me, it took over an hour of wiping before I decided it was time to throw in the towel and ask to skip.  Erudax caused similar trauma until I decided that I wanted to be in bed before midnight and if I switched to range most of the problems we were having would go away. Sure enough, wheeling in the hunter made it a one-shot, and gave the Achievement to boot. When the leather chest dropped I lost the plot and had to walk away for the second time. Yes, I cried over loot. What is the World coming to :(

With some hindsight I think I need a lot more practice, and I need to be less hard on myself. I also have a great deal of sympathy for anyone who's melee in a Heroic. I shudder to think how hard it must be in 10 mans down the sharp end...


4.1 is this week. Go read about it.

I strongly suggest you watch the trailer for this patch. It marks a definite step up in quality in terms of dungeon footage, and it includes Giant Rolling Boulders. Seriously, you'll not go far wrong with That Indiana Jones Reference.

There is So Much to Deal With in 4.1 that frankly I'm at somewhat of a loss but, as none of it involves any actual new Raid content or any gear that will replace existing raid drops, I'll take things as they come. I have been working on getting all three current 85's to the iLevel 346 required for entry to the new Heroics (rogue is at 343, new gloves will sort it, should get the points for those this evening and Cataclysmically Superior to boot) and past that...well, we'll busk it. Levelling the Gnome Priest to 85 after this patch becomes attractive and is probably high up the priority list but apart from that, we'll take it as it comes.

I'd also reccomend spending five minutes taking in everything that's going to change today, if only so you can work out how many points you'll be converting for gear upgrades and what spells will change for your class. This means tomorrow I won't have to *sigh* at you for asking Stupid Questions in Trade... ^^

Monday, April 25, 2011

Old versus New

Looks simple. No, it's really not...

One of the things I've been working on across Easter, apart from perfecting the art of getting loads done in fifteen minute bursts, is attempting to polish off some of the more problematic Achievements on my list. Wintergrasp Veteran is one of those that if I had the time was well worth the effort, and I'll say right now I've been having more fun doing Northrend PvP than I'm currently getting in Tol Barad. Of course no-one else is interested in lesser honor rewards or opening up a zone which only has quests twice a week... but hang on, that's not actually true. There's a few people like me, who want those 100 victories or need to polish off Wintergrasp Ranger, and that means whenever I end up in WG I'm never alone (at one point over the weekend we had six of us in the raid group) and it's never straightforward.

The biggest single issue to overcome is grabbing the number of kills required to get vehicle access, because if there are Horde Towers down south, that's the main priority. With the exception of the Horde Flight Point (Chilled Quagmire) all the kills I need for the Ranger points are at Towers, so I want to attract some attention. With a Catapult it takes about five minutes per tower, if I'm lucky I'll get some help (or enough kills for a vehicle upgrade), but it's a fairly safe bet that if I'm down South and all three towers get mullered, we're onto a winner.

One of the main advantages of doing PvP like this (at least for me) has been the opportunity it's afforded for me to brush up my 1 v 1 skills. I've never duelled seriously, but I appreciate the experience it can give in helping you learn to stay alive: knowing when to pop trinkets, or drop a trap, or use Deterrence is useful for both Arenas and Battlegrounds after all. I've had a few instances when I've needed to stay alive against solo opposition, and I'd like to think I'm getting better at it. My biggest problem is inevitably against melee classes (coz I need range to kill, even with the reduction in my minimum range there's still a dead spot to overcome) so that means learning to get away and stay away, by slowing my opposition. I'm not going to win any contests with my leet skills, but I can look after myself far better than I could.

I have no idea how long it's gonna take to finish these two achievements off but I'm quite looking forward to finding out. It's true what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in WG at least it's fun to PvP with less, rather than more. With 4.1 about to drop this week with the ultimate in Recycled Content, I find myself wondering... is it worth giving Wintergrasp a second chance to a wider audience?

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Grinding is worth it. See?

Today's Circuit of Disappointment? Not so depressing. I may not have gotten Anzu's Mount as yet, but Mr K. Sunstrider was good enough today to give up his Giant While Chicken 'o' Doom. To say I've wanted this for a long time is something of an understatement...

Oh, and Bloody Rare is down to four mobs needed. It's a Good Day!