Friday, March 25, 2011

Not Ready Yet.

The last few days have been tough going.

Guild life is hard right now. Another week has passed without a 10 man raid and I've realised that despite my assertions that I don't need to raid I miss it when I don't. While sections of my online community appear to be ambivalent towards the game and the enjoyment it gives me, I find myself getting frustrated at those who think that if they're not having fun any more, that's it for everyone. I should say at this point I do understand what it feels like to be made to do something when you don't want to, and how depressing it is to feel obliged to someone or something when you'd really rather be anywhere else. After all, this is a game, not a job.

The thing is, after almost six years of our Guild, I think what we stand for is worth preserving.

I am beginning to think that because I've been here so long and I remember a lot more of the history of the Guild than other people, that maybe I'm being biased. Then I look at those people who have complained that 'it's no fun' or 'I'm bored' and realise that actually these people still haven't grasped what we were doing in the first place. They never really bought into the social side of it, geography aside. It isn't about coming to a Real Life meeting, after all, it's about enjoying the game as something more than a collection of pixels, as a place to meet and talk and then play as a bonus. Those people can do that elsewhere, I think, and therefore we're going to become surplus to requirement in their lives at some point anyway.

I also find myself wondering that if I were one of those people, I'd probably have stopped playing long ago as well. The fact is, I'm not. This is what I enjoy. I'm a gamer, and I've been so for a very long time, and if I weren't here I'd probably be in another MMO. While other women my age love their soaps or their gardens or whatever else may float their particular boats I love this. I do often feel embarrassed that this is the case especially in situations with 'non-gamers' but the fact remains that when I try to pretend I'm something else I get depressed. I may not be awesome or l33t or whatever adjective you care to throw (noob works more often than not, let's be honest) but I do love the special camaraderie this game has produced. What I now need to see is if it is possible to make everyone else feel the same way.

We've had our traumas in the past but we continue to outlive many, many Guilds on our server. We may not reach the Guild Cap first but we'll get there, and when we do I hope it's with renewed enthusiasm for the content and the same desire to simply enjoy what we do and who we do it with. The wheels are in motion to get what remains of the Guild who are active both motivated and willing to tell myself and the officers which way forward we need to go. I hope that the people who have drifted away, for whatever reason, can find the time to at least return and say goodbye if they're really leaving or perhaps book a space in case they just want to log in once in a while and just say 'hi'.

The best way to make this happen, it seems to me, is to give everyone a chance to have their say. If they choose to stay silent, at least they were given a chance.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No, You. Can't.

Today I was informed of the servers coming up via Twitter. Ah Technology, how I <3 you.

I'm still not entirely sure how it happened but shortly after logging on the Lock I found myself in a 25 Man Baradin Hold run. I was surrounded by people far better geared, and who all clearly knew each other on first name terms elsewhere. Initially I was one of three locks until the best geared one got the lowest geared one thrown from the group. As I wasn't far off his ilevel I was kind of expecting to be the next one tossed but I remained, as people used their group summoning abilities to call people into the Instance (not far to L20 now folks, not far) I listened as some of the assembled mass discussed their weekly GDKP alt runs and the fact that a couple had been cancelled of late.

It's good to know that it's not just us, then.

Anyway, we win, and I'm not quite bottom dps but it's close, but having said that I manage 11.5k and am happy. I accidentally click on the portal to SW put up as I realise that the Warlock Tier gloves are up for grabs and am desperately riding back through the TB Peninsula as the roll comes up. I beat the other Lock by three, and ride into the instance as the last item is being rolled for, to have the gloves drop into my inventory.

It's less that 10 seconds before I get the whisper: 'Can I buy those off you?'

I find myself wondering how to reply. These guys clearly have no qualms about offering gold for stuff, it's part of how they play the game, but a small part of me was concerned as to where exactly that gold might come from. I did ask though, just out of curiosity, how much he wanted for them. 8000g, to be honest, seemed like it was a bit on the low side. Perhaps he thought it would be enough money to sway me.

I've never been swayed by people whispering me about items when I win them fairly via a /roll. I don't care how much money you've got.

People and expansions may come and go, but when it comes down to it, nothing really changes.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Change in Direction...

It's the Hat. I love the Hat ^^

Say hello please to my 'looks like Slash from Guns and Roses (1990's stylee)' Worgen. I've faffed a great deal with her over the weekend and have come to the conclusion that there is actually no point in questing and doing Random Dungeons whilst levelling with full Heirloom gear, especially with Guild Perks, it is just as productive to skin/herb and sell the results on the AH whilst I progress. In fact doing things this way has several advantages: I can make money ridiculously quickly, I can combine my love of grinding leather and picking flowers and at the same time help the Guild towards the 10,000 fishing from pools achievement (also making cash) Really, all told, it's a win/win/win situation.

As a result I will be spending time this week taking the Main Hunter and the Warlock out for a Daily Heroic but mostly faffing around in low level areas because I enjoy levelling another hunter without actually having to Quest. I will return to questing at some point I know (firstly to do them all on the Lock for cash) but for now, this is my way of being happy in-game.

I do have one fishing-related trip to make on P before I start today though...